This Saturday, September 23, the 63rd edition of the Clásico RCN 2023 began with the triumph of Venezuelan José Alarcón (Arroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernandéz – JB) on a 147-kilometer route from the Plaza de Banderas in Cúcuta to House of Culture.

This journey was experienced with great emotions with a special touch, since after 18 years the ‘duel of the titans’ returned to the capital of the department of Norte de Santander. On this occasion, the runners competed in this race with an eight-lap circuit where flat terrain predominated.

The Venezuelan, who won the Vuelta al Táchira this year, reached the finish line alone. Second came Leison Damián Maca (SuperGiros – Alcaldía de Manizales) at 53 seconds and third Heberth Alejandro Gutiérrez (EPM – GO RIGO GO). While the peloton arrived more than two minutes behind the winner.

The first movement of the day was carried out by Rafael Pineda (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano), Róbigzon Leandro Oyola (Team Medellín-EPM) and Walter Pedraza (Team Fundecom-Arroz Sonora-Calzados Gocci-Multirepuestos Bosa), but The trio was quickly hunted down by the platoon.

In the first excitement of the day, Juan Pablo Sosa (Team Sistecredito) appeared, winning the first time bonus. Juan Manuel Barboza (Orgullo Paisa) came in second and Juan Pablo Restrepo (EBSA) came in third.

The day started very nervous and in the first stages there was a fall in which César Nicolas Paredes (Arroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández – JB), Jhonatan Restrepo (GW Shimano-Sidermec), Daniel Arroyave (Orgullo Paisa) and José were involved. Misael Urián (Team Indeportes Boyacá), as well as nine more runners.

During the journey there were several skirmishes. At the end, the race was animated by 14 adventurers where the Venezuelan José Alarcón (Arroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernandéz – JB) managed to escape from his escape companions to celebrate in the northern Santander capital.

The ‘Duel of the Titans’ will continue this Sunday with the second stage, which will take riders from Pamplona to Bucaramanga along 122.9 kilometers.

Source: FEDECICLISMO y Revista Mundo Ciclístico