Just in the middle day (the third) of the San Juan Pan-American Track Championship, Colombian rider Juan Arango Carvajal brought his country the first title of the event, after winning the points race; while Canada continued its rise in the medal table with a couple more golds.

At the new Vicente Alejo Chancay velodrome, the only indoor one in Argentina and one of the best that currently exists in America, Arango Carvajal dominated the grueling 10-sprint race with 86 points, higher than the 54 of Canadian Mathias Guillemette and the 42 of the American Lange Colby.

The Canadian team reached six gold medals in the joust thanks to the top positions of Chris Ernst in the individual pursuit and the sprinter Lauriane Genest, with which they practically secured first place in the joust, just as it happened in the continental cycling event track of 2022 in Lima, Peru.

Chris Ernst defeated his teammate Michael Foley (1:07.363) and the American Johnson Anders (1:10.127) with a time of 1:06.749; while Genest prevailed in two of the three heats against the Mexican Lux Daniela Gaxiola to take first place. For bronze, Yuli Verdugo, also from Aztec, defeated Canadian Sarah Orban in two consecutive heats.

The last game of medals distributed was in the demanding omnium test for ladies, which includes four types of tests (scratch, tempo race, elimination and the race for points). In this case, the Mexican Victoria Velazco Fuentes was the leader, escorted by the Trinidadian Alexi Ramirez; while in bronze was the Colombian Lina Mabel Rojas Zapata.

The public present at the Vicente Alejo Chancay velodrome enjoyed the entire itinerary of the date, but it vibrated more when Maribel Aguirre, from San Juan, number 1 of the Argentine National Team, competed in the omnium races and was close to getting on the podium with a sixth place.

With these results, Canada remains the clear leader of the medal table with (6-3-2), Mexico is second (4-3-1), Colombia advanced to third place (1-2-2), Trinidad and Tobago is fourth (1-2-0). Behind are Brazil and Suriname with one silver per capita, while the United States has seven bronzes.

This Saturday will be the penultimate day of competitions. The excitement will be in the following tests: 500 meter time trial, points race (ladies), omnium and sprint for men.

Results of the third day

Individual Pursuit – Men

1- GOLD: Chris Ernst – Canada

2- SILVER: Michael Foley – Canada

3- BRONZE: Johnson Anders – United States.

Return to points – Men

1- GOLD: Juan Arango Carvajal – Colombia

2- SILVER: Mathias Guillemette – Canada

3- BRONZE: Lange Colby – United States

Speed – Checkers

1- GOLD: Lauriane Genest – Canada

2- SILVER: Luz Daniela Gaxiola González – Mexico.

3- BRONZE: Yuli Paola Verdugo Ozuna – Mexico.

Omnium – Ladies

1- GOLD: Victoria Velazco Fuentes – Mexico.

2- SILVER: Alexi Ramirez – Trinidad and Tobago.

3- BRONZE: Lina Mabel Rojas Zapata – Colombia.

All the results here: https://panam2023.veloresults.com/