Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) had an outstanding performance in the individual time trial (Durazno – Durazno 12.7 km) and not only won the third stage of the Tour of Porvenir, but also took the leadership of the general classification to Sergio Fredes (KTM), who is now second.

The gaucho cyclist, 38 years old, brought out the breed from him and took the biggest prizes of the day with an average speed of 49 km / h. The double champion of the Vuelta a San Juan, established a time of 15 minutes 33 seconds. He was escorted to the podium by his compatriot Sergio Fredes (KTM Orange Road) with 15’42″ and the Panamanian Franklin Archibold (Panama is Culture and Values) with 16’01″.

It turned out to be a segment where the rider who wore the colors of SEP San Juan did not make mistakes on a clean route. “I felt strong and focused at all times. It wasn’t blowing much air and that helped me too. Now it remains to defend this leader’s shirt and I hope that my team can contribute to this purpose”, said the winner.

This Saturday the queen stage will be held. After the start at Juana Koslay, the riders will face the ascent to the Mirador del Potrero in a 148.8-kilometer journey with an ascent ending.

CRI Stage 3 Classification

1.- Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) 15m 33s

2.- Sergio Fredes (KTM) 15m 42s

3.- Franklin Archivald (Panama is culture and Values) 16m 01s

4.-Héctor Quintana (Chile National Team) 16m 05s

5.- Agustin Martinez (SAT) 16m 07s

General ranking

1.-Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP San Juan) 07h 31m 06s

2.- Sergio Fredes (KTM) 07h 31m 08s

3.- Héctor Quintana (Chile National Team) 07h 31m 32s

4.- Leonardo Cobarrubia (SEP San Juan) 07h 31m 39s

5.- Agustín Martínez (SAT) 07h 31m 44s