The cyclists Juliana Londoño (Atlántico) and Jerónimo Calderón (Antioquia Sistecrédito) were crowned this Sunday as new monarchs of the Tour of the Future 2023, which ended in Colombia, a reference nation for cycling in America and which projects talents with this competition that will guarantee your future triumphs.

With four victories in the same number of stages and winning all possible classifications, cyclist Juliana Londoño managed to close her magnificent season with a flourish, by achieving the title of the Tour of the Future Colombia Potencia de la Vida 2023.

Londoño, born in Medellín, but who this season represents the colors of the Atlantic, confirmed her favoritism by winning the four fractions that were run in the youth round, and being crowned champion of the general, the special sprint, the mountain and for points.

A mastery from beginning to end of the runner who this season achieved multiple national titles on the track, was crowned in the time trial of the Pan American Championship and achieved a world title and a second title on the track at the Junior World Cup in Cali, and who She had just won the special sprint trophy in the Women’s Tour.

The final podium was completed by Natalia Garzón from Santander, who finished the race 48 seconds behind the champion, and by Valentina Quintero (Bogotá LMC) from Huila, who finished third, 2:18 behind.

For her part, Luciana Osorio from Antioquia was crowned champion of the junior category, after an impressive performance throughout the race, in which she managed to place fourth in the general ladies category and be the best among the runners of the age of she.

Second place went to María Paula Rodríguez de Casanare, 3:05 behind Osorio, while Estefanía Castillo de Risaralda was third, 4:16 behind.

Champions Tour of the Future 2023

– General Youth Champion: Juliana Londoño (Atlántico)

– Youth Runner-up: Natalia Garzón (Santander League)

– Third Youth: Valentina Quintero (Bogotá LMC)

– Mountain Champion: Juliana Londoño (Atlántico)

– Special Sprint Champion: Juliana Londoño (Atlántico)

– Points Champion: Juliana Londoño (Atlántico)

– Team Champions: Bogotá LMC

– Junior General Champion: Luciana Osorio (Antioquia)

– Pre-Youth Runner-up: María Paula Rodríguez (Casanare League)

– Youth Third: Estefanía Castillo (Risaralda League)

Jerónimo Calderón impressed with his title

The cyclist Jerónimo Calderón from Antioquia Sistecrédito was crowned this Sunday as the new champion of theTour of the Future 2023, which ended with a 54-kilometer fraction between Mariquita, Tolima and Guaduas, Cundinamarca.

The junior born in Copacabana successfully navigated a stage in which he suffered a fall and in which he finished fifth, five seconds behind José Miguel Aristizábal from Antioquia Potencia La Quebradona, winner of the day with a final time of one hour, six minutes and 49 seconds, as a result that put him on the final podium.

Calderón not only secured first place overall and the respective title of the Vuelta del Futuro Colombia Potencia de la Vida 2023, but he also managed to be crowned champion of the Manzana Postobón mountain, and of the Lottery points classification. Boyacá.

The final podium of the race was completed by José Miguel Aristizábal, who finished in second place, 28 seconds behind, and Simón Loaiza from Calden, who finished third, 53 seconds behind.

The Bogota native Michael Moreno (Funchaves), who arrived at the last stage as the leader, remained at the head of the race until there were 10 kilometers left, at which time he suffered a fall that affected his performance and for which he lost more than two minutes with his main rivals, to the point of finishing in sixth place overall, 1:26 behind the champion.

The title of Julián Manrique from Boyacá Raza de Campeones also stands out, who won the special sprint classification.

Champions Tour of the Future 2023

– General Champion: Jerónimo Calderón (Antioquia Sistecrédito)

– Runner-up: José Miguel Aristizábal (Antioquia Potencia La Quebradona)

– Third: Simón Loaiza (Caldas League)

– Mountain Champion: Jerónimo Calderón (Antioquia Sistecrédito)

– Special Sprint Champion: Julián Manrique (Boyacá Race of Champions)

– Points Champion: Jerónimo Calderón (Antioquia Sistecrédito)

– Team Champion: Antioquia Sistecrédito

Source: Federación Colombiana de Ciclismo