The Ópticas Deluxe cyclist was master of the first stage that ended at the David Cordón Hichos de Guastatoya stadium.

The national cyclist, Julio Padilla was the master of the first stage of the Vuelta Ciclística a Guatemala, winning two driving goals and a mountain award.

Padilla remained in the top positions from start to finish, after Rancho’s flying goal detached itself from its closest pursuers.

1. Julio Padilla (GUA) – 3:38:33

2. Edgar Torres (GUA) – at 10 sec

3. Christopher Jurado (PAN) – at 10 sec

4. Byron Guama (ECU) – at 10 sec

5. Roberto González (PAN) – at 10 sec

The pedal festival started this Friday with the participation of fourteen teams (9 nationals and 5 foreigners) and with it the multi-colored caravan began its journey through the different corners of the country.

The route of Stage 1, which began in the Central American capital of the Faith, Esquipulas, had an extension of 148 kilometers and ended in front of the main gate of the David Cordón Hichos stadium, in Guastatoya.

In the first kilometers, the support of the people was present to see the multicolored caravan that passed through the streets of Esquipulas, where the cyclists remained in a united platoon.

At times, some were trying to take off. However, the peloton managed to catch up with them, so the competition remained even in the first kilometers of the competition.

With the passing of the kilometers, a group of 6 cyclists managed to separate from the rest of the peloton, before the First Intermediate Sprint at kilometer 54 in Chiquimula.

The First Intermediate Sprint was for the national Julio Padilla, it was at Kilometer 54 in Chiquimula.

1. Julio Padilla (GUA)

2. Brayan Ríos (GUA)

3. Esvin Ixtamer (GUA)

At kilometer 93.5 in Super 24 Santa Cruz, the Ecuadorian Cristian Pita from Ecuador Team Best PC took the second Intermediate Sprint.

1. Cristian Pita (ECU)

2. Julio Padilla (GUA)

3. Brayan Ríos (GUA)

The Third Intermediate Sprint was at kilometer 119.5 San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán, again it would be Julio Padilla from Ópticas Deluxe who took the third and last Intermediate Sprint of the day.

1. Julio Padilla (GUA)

2. Cristian Pita (ECU)

3. Brayan Ríos (GUA)

The First Mountain Prize went to the Colombian rider Duvan Farfán, from the Dicafriem team from Mexico.

1. Duvan Farfán (COL) 2 points

2. Esvin Ixtamer (GUA) 1 point

The second Mountain Prize was at kilometer 145.5, El Progreso, again it went to Julio Padilla from Ópticas Deluxe, closing a great stage.

1. Julio Padilla (GUA)

2. Edgar Torres (GUA)

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See the Results Bulletin

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