HAVANA. Bermudian cyclists Kaden Hopkins and Caitlin Conyers, were crowned on Saturday as the first holders of the Caribbean Road Championship, which opened its competitive activities in the Havana Malecon, in the presence of the president of the International Cycling Union, David Lappartient, and his counterpart in the Americas, José Manuel Peláez.

Medalists in women’s time trial

Hopkins traveled the 33.6 kilometers of the circuit in 45 minutes, 16 seconds and 629 thousandths, to outdo Puerto Rican Abner Gonzalez and Anguilla’s representative, Hasani Hennis, his teammates on the awards podium.

For his part, Caitlin Conyers timed 00: 33: 48.202 minutes, in the 22.4 kilometers of the route, enough to make better time than his two closest escorts, the Cuban Heydy Pradera and the well-known Trinidadian Alexi Costa, silver medalists and bronze, in that order.

This Sunday, from 8:30 in the morning, the 67.2-kilometer route for women will begin, and at 11, the 123.2-kilometer route for men, in a UCI Class 1.2 competition that will award individual scores for The continental ladder. (Copaci Press)


1. Kaden Hopkins (BERMUDAS U23) 00:45:16.629 GOLD

2. Abner Gonzalez (PUERTO RICO U23) 00:45:57.311 SILVER

3. Hasani Hennis (ANGUILA ELITE) 00:47:03.156 BRONZE

4. German Rafael (REP. DOMINICANA ELITE) 00:47:13.643

5. Pedro Portuondo (CUBA ELITE) 00:47:21.729

6. Joshua Kelly (BARBADOS ELITE) 00:47:32.356

7. Damien Laversanne (GUYANA ELITE) 00:47:38.112

8. Emilio Perez (CUBA ELITE) 00:47:54.565

9. Alger Kylian (MARTINICA U23) 00:48:00.864

10. Conor White (BERMUDAS U23) 00:48:10.787

11. Tyler Cole (TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO U23) 00:48:33.991

12. Oscar Quiroz (BCELI ELITE) 00:48:49.373

13. Giovanni Lovell (BELICE ELITE) 00:48:54.279

14. Gene Allan (GUADALUPE U23) 00:48:59.087

15. Polanco Steven (REP. DOMINICANA U23) 00:49:03.234

16. Lorin Sawyer (BAHAMAS ELITE) 00:49:06.898

17. Odvelt Clerge (HAITÍ U23) 00:51:18.661

18. Marsh Robert (ANTIGUA ELITE) 00:51:20.057

19. González Ruson (ARUBA U23) 00:51:27.558

20. Claude Richardson (ANGUILA ELITE) 00:52:32.386

21. Kluivert Mitchel (SANTA LUCIA ELITE) 00:52:58.237

22. Brandon Baker (JAMAICA U23) 00:54:46.727

23. Bishop Tyrone (ISLAS TURCAS Y CAICOS ELITE) 00:56:39.288

24. Janssen Max (CURAZAO ELITE) 00:56:55.570

25. Gardiner Omard (ISLAS TURCAS Y CAICOS ELITE) 01:00:39.724

     Jacob Kelly (BARBADOS ELITE) DNF

     Lutin Larry (GUADALUPE ELITE) DNS

     Locaton Cedric (GUADALUPE ELITE) DNS


1. Caitlin Conyers (BERMUDAS ELITE) 00:33:48.202 ORO

2. Heydi Pradera (CUBA U23) 00:35:11.266 PLATA

3. Alexi Costa (TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO ELITE) 00:35:21.741 BRONCE

5. Iraida Garcia (CUBA ELITE) 00:36:02.753

6. Laura Gueppois (GUADALUPE ELITE) 00:36:23.748

7. Kaya Cattouse (BELICE ELITE) 00:36:42.467

8. Alicia Thompson (BELICE ELITE) 00:38:43.118

9. Donelys Carino (PUERTO RICO ELITE) 00:39:20.030

10. Hegedus Gabriella (ISLAS TURCAS Y CAICOS ELITE) 00:43:14.064

11. Antoniece Simmons (BAHAMAS ELITE) 00:46:47.991

     Alexandrine Melissa (MARTINICA ELITE) DNS

     Georges Ousline (HAITI U23) DSQ