Despite Kenneth Tencio’s efforts to obtain the Olympic ticket, he did not manage to get it, as he confirmed after the conclusion of the BMX Freestyle Olympic Qualification Series in Budapest, an event in which six riders finished with direct Olympic places, from France, Great Britain, United States, Brazil and Croatia.

With this, the places for the 2022 World Championships, where Kenneth Tencio had a ninth place option, were assigned to Japan and Argentina. The 2023 places do not apply to Kenneth because he had placed 48th; the same happens with the host place that is assigned to the next best positioned of the 2023 World Championship. This unfortunately closes the qualification options for the Costa Rican rider.

Tencio, achieved a historic performance for Costa Rica during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, taking fourth place in the BMX Freestyle.

“I gave it all and even more, the mission continues”.

The Costa Rican reacted to the messages he received from followers and detractors on his personal Instagram account, commenting on the difficulties he had to deal with during the last four years, after leading Costa Rica to fourth place in Tokyo 2020 and the unfulfilled promises by the Municipality of Garabito and the National Government, assuming the construction of the 10cio Park along with private sponsors.

“I know that many have been waiting for my statements on Olympic qualification. The last three years I did absolutely everything I could, I took risks that even compromised my career a lot. I even took out a million-dollar loan and built a dream hand in hand with BAC and Materiales Villa.

“All this after the government’s promises of a lot to help with the project and so on were not given. It wasn’t even easy to get the permits to build this place. They didn’t give me anything to build this project, I took out a loan with the bank, I put all my savings and created alliances like many of the ones you see on the ramps or in the videos that I am always training to be able to build this dream. Even for all those who have commented some ugly things, I even pay more taxes than I receive from the government and it’s okay because to Caesar what is Caesar’s”.

Demonstrating his strength as a high performance athlete, Tencio affirmed that he is not willing to give up and values every step he has taken to build his legacy in a discipline that is not traditional in the country.

“What are they going to say because I have not qualified, the truth I do not know, only that it is what it is, the only thing I know is that, in this person, in this profile it is forbidden to give up and I am honest with you sometimes even I can not really believe all that I have achieved as a sportsman, as an athlete in a sport that is not culture here.

“With achievements I do not speak of trophies, medals, of having managed to build this park, of the alliances I have, but rather I speak of illusion, of smiles, of living the dream, of overcoming limits, even of the faith and hope that one manages to transmit to the new generations in the sport”. he commented.

Despite all the progress and efforts focused on the growth of his sport, Kenneth did not escape the questioning for not achieving the Olympic qualification, but the rider from Cartago affirms that he takes the good things and moves forward.

“I have received all kinds of messages, I have focused on the positive ones, on the other hand, I have also read those that are not so good and the only thing I can say is that, even if they trample me, even if they beat me, as a person I am still worth the same, I will continue to do my thing, I am still focused on moving forward and the mission continues. Does it hurt not to qualify? It hurts a lot and well, I decide to move forward and use it to my advantage.

Kenneth Tencio also took advantage of his publication to thank all the people and entities that have supported him and continue to do so in a mission that for him continues.

“And finally I want to thank all those who have trusted me, the Olympic Committee, the Federation for all the support provided in this process and for everything that is to come, which I also know that they will be there by my hand because they have always been a fundamental pillar to achieve many things.

“For me it doesn’t end here, but rather we continue to get stronger, we already have all this built up. The previous years it was very hard to have to deal with all this process, while training under the sun and doing many other things and I think I have learned a lot from that and I will use it to continue growing. Here all the work that has been done has been done with a lot of love and as they say with love there is no pain and the mission continues.”

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