With an impressive demonstration in the mountains, the cyclist Kevin Rivera of the Costa Rican National Team prevailed this Monday in the fourth stage of the Tour of Costa Rica Telecable 2022, which once again changed the yellow leader, now in the hands of Erasmo Archibold ( Panama is Culture and Values)

Rivera imposed conditions and surpassed in the last kilometers the runners Franklin Archibold from Panama Es Cultura y Valores, who was second in the stage, and Daniel Bonilla from Colono Bikestation Clips, who entered third.

“I think it was a more bearable mountain, I fought it, today since I got up I was focused on winning and it happened, there are very tough rivals, but I tried in the end and we achieved victory today, I am very happy, I want to thank the team for all the help and the technical director”, stated Rivera.

At a general level, there was a total revolution in terms of the leaders of the race after four segments. Archibold took the lead in the Vuelta Costa Rica, followed by Carlos Gutierréz from TEAM BANCO GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR and Joseph Chavarría (7C-ECONOMY-LACOINEX) placed third in the competition.

In sub 23, Gabriel Rojas continues to lead the competition, while Jason Huertas continues to lead the flying goals (31), the mountain prizes (12) and the points lead (85).

This Tuesday the fifth stage will be held starting at 8am from San Ramón and arriving at Cerro Gallo in Berlin.

Oficial Results: https://fecoci.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Resultados-y-Boletin-Etapa-4-VCR-2022.pdf

Source: FECOCI