After the eighth and last stage of the Tour of Mendoza 2024, Laureano Rosas, from Buenos Aires, kept the leader’s jersey he had achieved the day before and was crowned for the second time in the Mendoza Tour, as it happened in the 2022 edition.

Rosas, of the Swift Carbon Pro Cycling team, took the overall victory based on a great performance in the queen stage that on Saturday climbed to Cristo Redentor, obtaining a sufficient advantage in the leadership of the general classification, in which Agustín Durán of Venzo and Nicolás Paredes of SEP San Juan, completed the podium, in that order.

The winner of stage 8 was Leonardo Cobarrubia, but Rosas maintained his first place in the overall ahead of Agustín Durán of Team Venzo, while the podium was completed by Colombian Nicolás Paredes of SEP San Juan, last year’s winner. The last stage started in Guaymallén, went through the traditional Paso Street circuit in Maipú and finished in Godoy Cruz, with a finish in the Corredor del Oeste.

Mario Ovejero, the representative of the Municipality of San Carlos, finished in eighth place, being the second best rider from Mendoza in the final table. Nahuel Méndez, from the Municipality of Guaymallén, was the best rider from Mendoza, finishing fourth.

Regarding the sprint goals, the winner was Leonardo Cobarrubia, the representative of SEP San Juan, and the podium was completed by Leandro Velardez and Emiliano Montoya.

In the mountain goals, Julián Barrientos was the fastest and second finished Mauricio Páez, and the podium was completed by Darío Álvarez.

Finally, adding all the stages, the best team of the Vuelta was Municipalidad de Guaymallén, second Venzo and third Godoy Cruz.

Winners of the Tour of Mendoza 2024

    Overall : Rosas, Laureano (Swift Carbon Pro Cycling)

    Sprint Metas: Cobarrubia, Leonardo (SEP San Juan)

    Mountain Metas: Barrientos, Julian (Municipality of San Carlos – 7722)

    Best Mendocino: Mendez, Nahuel (Municipality of Guaymallen)

    Under-23: Diaz, Rodrigo (Municipality of Guaymallén)

The winners of the Tour of Mendoza

    1977 Juan Carlos Ruarte

    1978 Raúl Lujan Labbate

    1979 Juan Carlos Ruarte

    1980 Juan Domingo Jácamo

    1981 Cayetano Cortés

    1982 Juan Carlos Ruarte

    1983 Luis A. Biera

    1984 Roberto Escalante

    1985 Omar A. Contreras

    1986 José Villarruel

    1987 Juan Carlos Rosero (Ecuador)

    1988 Cássio Freitas (Brazil)

    1989 Daniel Castro

    1990 Pablo Elizalde (Uruguay)

    1991 Rubén Bergamin

    1992 Daniel Castro

    1993 Juan M. Agüero

    1994 Flavio Oscar Placanica

    1995 Pedro Rodríguez (Ecuador)

    1996 Erwin Chulde (Ecuador)

    1997 Ariel Jaime

    1998 Cássio Freitas (Brazil)

    1999 Élder Herrera (Colombia)

2000 Edgardo Simon

    2001 Edgardo Simon

    2002 Pedro Antonio Prieto

    2003 Alejandro Corvalán

    2004 Gabriel Brizuela

    20053 Sebastián Cancio

    2006 Marco Arriagada (Chile)

    2007 Ignacio Ariel Gili

    2008 Ignacio Ariel Gili

    2009 Gabriel Brizuela

    2010 Álvaro Antonio Argiro

    2011 Luciano Montivero

    2012 Juan Pablo Dotti

    2013 Daniel Zamora

    2014 Roberto Richeze

    2015 Gabriel Brizuela

    2016 Juan Pablo Dotti

    2017 Juan Pablo Dotti

    2018 Daniel Díaz

    2019 Juan Pablo Dotti

    2020 Juan Pablo Dotti

    2021 Juan Pablo Dotti

    2022 Laureano Rosas

    2023 Nicolás Paredes (Colombia)

    2024 Laureano Rosas