CIEGO DE AVILA. The Havana native Leandro Marcos imposed his powerful and clean finish in stage number five of the VI Cycling Classic, the only one where the leader could keep the shirt, because the artemisan Félix Nodarse entered fifth with equal time as the winner.

Marcos stopped the clocks in 2 hours, 14 minutes and 4 seconds after 106 kilometers completely flat from Camagüey, straight route that left the same time for the ten contestants who led the main lot of 18 riders.

They escorted Leandro Holguin Frank Consuegra, Miguel Valido, Sancti Spíritus, Alejandro Parra, also from Holguín, and Nodarse, who Stoic defended his yellow coat and prevented the history of the previous four dates was repeated, when there were equal numbers of men in the throne.

In the sixth stage between Ciego de Ávila and Topes de Collantes (168.3 km) the squad will be joined by Arlenis Sierra, a captain of the Kazakh club Astana, and a companion in that professional team, Heidy Praderas, a spirit from the preparation of both with a view to the season that awaits you from this month. There will be flying goals in Jatibonico (km 42.6), Sancti Spíritus (km 72) and Trinidad (km 148.8). (Lisset Isabel Ricardo / / Mario Pérez)


1. Marcos, Leandro (HAB) 2:15:04:000
2. Consuegra, Frank Carlos (HOL) ” ”
3. Valido, Miguel (SSP) ” ”
4. Parra, Alejandro (HOL) ” ”
5. Nodarse, Félix (ART) ” ”
6. Ramírez, Luis (GRA) ” ”
7. Pérez, Emilio (PRI) ” ”
8. Cabrera, Juan Miguel (SSP) ” ”
9. Arias, Yan Carlos (LTU) ” ”
10. Vera, Hidalgo (GTM) ” ”


1. Nodarse, Félix (ART) 16:32:07
2. Álvarez, Carlos (SSP) +0:00:08
3. Pérez, Emilio (PRI) +0:00:16
4. Marcos, Leandro (HAB) +0:00:19
5. Parra, Alejandro (HOL) +0:00:25
6. Arias, Yan Carlos (LTU) +0:00:29
7. Sosa, Frank (CFG) +0:00:30
8. Ramírez, Luis (GRA) +0:00:33
9. Consuegra, Frank Carlos (HOL) +0:00:33
10. Vega, Kevin (HAB) +0:00:34