CÁRDENAS, CUBA. Leandro Marcos, Bala del Cerro, starred another shot of horror to get his second stage to enter first in the eighth between Cienfuegos and this City of Flags, in the VI Classic Cycling.

As on the fifth day from Camagüey to Ciego de Ávila, the experienced sprinter from Havana dominated the 165-kilometer stretch, which he negotiated at 3: 43.15 hours, the same time as the peloton and his escorts the Alejandro Parra from Holguin and Santiago from Santiago. Valid, from the team leader of Sancti Spíritus.

The ninth will be the expected individual time trial between Varadero and Matanzas at a distance of 29.2 kilometers with a solo game starting at 10 am.

The Classic VI will conclude on Sunday with the tenth day in line from Matanzas (9.30) to Havana with flying goals in Madruga (km 30.3), Güines (km 58.4) and Cotorro (km 91). The final goal is still planned in front of the Ramón Fonst multipurpose room on Rancho Boyeros Avenue. (Lisset Isabel Ricardo / jit.cu)


1. Frank Sosa (Cienfuegos) 27:32.10 horas
2. Carlos Álvarez (Sancti Spíritus) +0:03:58
3. Yans Carlos Arias (Las Tunas) +0:04:28
4. Emilio Pérez (Pinar del Río) +0:05:16
5. Hidalgo Vera (Guantánamo) +0:06:02
6. Yoandy Freire (Sancti Spíritus) +0:06:32
7. Kevin Vega (La Habana) +0:07:27
8. Joel Solenzal (Sancti Spíritus) +0:08:06
9. Luis Ramírez (Granma) +0:08:46
10. Yasmani Balmaseda (Artemisa) +0:08:49