In an electric and exciting definition, the cyclist Leandro Messineo (Chimbas Te Quiero) was left with the victory of the second stage of the Giro del Sol, meanwhile, Emiliano Ibarra (Gremios por el Deporte – Cutral Co) continues to lead the general classification.

It was a photo-finish finish, with the greatest rewards for local rider Messineo, who took the victory after touring the north and west sectors of the City of San Juan. They traveled through Chimbas and Rivadavia; to later visit the demanding routes of the Ullum and Punta Negra dams.

The 43-year-old Argentine runner was the fastest in the sprint, after covering 134 kilometers around the San Juan international racetrack, beating his compatriots Laureano Rosas (Gremios por el Deporte-Yaco) and Daniel Juarez (Agrupación Virgen de Fatima -San Juan Biker Motors), who entered second and third, respectively.

At the end of the fraction, the winner expressed his satisfaction with what he had done today. “We are on the right track. It is a tough race, the Giro has always accustomed us to this. Chimbas deserves this victory because there are many people working behind. We are satisfied with what we have been doing. Triumphs come by themselves”, Messineo told the Tiempo de San Juan.

“Honestly, I’m very happy, because it was a pretty tough stage. This requires effort more than speed, we’re on the right track. The three of us arrived together, I didn’t dare to raise my hands and then, when they told me it was the The winner was enormous happiness. It is a race with hard stages, the team’s performance leaves us very happy because we have a lot of people accompanying us”, commented the athlete on Radio La Voz

This Sunday the last stage will be held, which will have 179.9 kilometers, a fraction that will go to the Difunta Correa, starting and also arriving at the international racetrack, where we will meet the successor of the Argentine Agustín del Negro.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico y otros sitios digitales de San Juan