Panama City.- The last name Londoño was once again the protagonist in the Pan American Road Championship, only this time the roles of the time trial, junior category, were reversed, and Angie surpassed Juliana in the road test, held over 64 kilometers in a circuit that continues to punish the riders for the constant swings.

This time Angie climbed to the top of the podium with a sprint that she won in the last meters, after beating Juliana and the Brazilian Mayra Da Costa on the last hill of the route, when her legs weaken the most and fatigue seems to take its toll.

In this way, Colombia once again made it 1-2 on the podium (it has achieved it three times in this fight: time trial and route for the junior ladies; and elite time trial) which kept it in front of the medal table of the contest with four gold medals, equal amount of money.

“We are not families, but we are teammates and with enormous rivalries in all the competitions we have in Colombia,” said Juliana, smiling and very hopeful that this result will allow them to accumulate points to be called up to the national team in the upcoming junior world championship, scheduled in the coffee territory itself.

“We knew that we were coming strong, we wanted to take the medals and we have achieved it. We already knew the circuit from the time trial, my teammates were very strong and we did a perfect job. We tried to escape many times, but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way. We left everything for the end and the result has been with us today”, Angie Mariana told the press.

“We are very happy to make it 1-2 again, we have worked very hard for this and here are the results. It was quite a hectic test, we tried it in every possible way and in the end we had to wait for the final packing, we gave it our all, our legs have responded and now all that remains is to celebrate. We have complied, ”the champion Juliana finally pointed out after climbing the podium to receive her monarch shirt.