The cyclists Luis Aguilar of the 7C Economy Lacoinex and Sofía Quirós of the CBZ Asfaltos conquered this Sunday the Vuelta al Porvenir 2023 that had as its arrival and closing point the Tilarán Park, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Aguilar prevailed alone and crossed the finish line with a difference of almost 3 minutes 45 seconds over the runners who were leading the competition until Sunday, a fact that made him the champion of the event after four days of competition.

“It was very difficult to open the break, on the way up some runners attacked me, I want to dedicate this title to God, my family, my parents, my girlfriend and my baby who is on the way, I have come in good shape, I did not go down head for the fall I had months ago and I continued with a cold mind to be able to win, “said Aguilar.

At the female level, Sofía Quirós prevailed over her teammates and despite entering the second box this Sunday, her accumulated time allowed her to be crowned champion of the Vuelta al Porvenir 2023.

“Grateful to the team, very happy with the team these days of competition, we had some attacks but we always went to the wheel and we were able to leave the event, I hope to be taken into account for the Women’s Tour in October,” said Quirós.

Quirós also won the flying goals of the event, while in the men’s category this section went to Pablo Villalobos from Team Costa Frut – Go Rigo Go – Giant.

For their part, the mountain was for Luis Aguilar and Krissia Araya from CBZ BYA CAPE and the team classification was for 7C Economy, followed by Team Costa Frut – Go Rigo Go – Giant and the Rali Giant of Panama, while in ladies the victory went to CBZ Asfaltos.

The next event of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation will be the first date of the Fecoci Cup on Sunday, September 3, starting in Río Frío and finishing in San Carlos.

Source: FECOCI