The Venezuelan Luis Gómez had the arrest to liquidate in the sentencing line at Paseo La Virgen, in the town of El Tigre, in the third stage, enough to become the new leader of the 59th Vuelta a Venezuela.

The third chapter began with a delay of one hour, as it was the preamble to 153.3 kilometers of extremely high tension, from Libertador Avenue in Leonardo Ruíz Pineda Park, in Ciudad Bolívar, with falls and escapes, the last of about 20 kilometers of 14 cyclists, where the calls went to exploit the final packaging.

Gómez, from Team Carabobo, but born in Monagas, managed to beat Weimar Roldán (Team Medellín EPM-Colombia) and Creole Miguel Ubeto (Banesco) at the finish line, all with the same figure of 3 hours, 15 minutes and 10 seconds.

With the victory, Gómez, cut the Italian dictatorship, by displacing Stefano Gandin, to become the new leader of the Venezuelan turn, with a time of 8 hours, 45 minutes and 19 seconds, escorted by César Sanabria (Fina Rice Venezuela Country of the Future) at 6″ and Jhonny Araujo (Bolivarian Government of Trujillo) closes the podium at 7.

Enter falls and attacks

A test that had four intermediate emotions (sprints) won by Reinaldo Arocha (Transport Mission Venezuela La Guaira); the second was awarded to him by Jhon Nava (Bolivarian Government of Trujillo Orbea); then it was the turn of Carlos Torres (Venezuela La Guaira Transport Mission), who won the last two, which placed him as the leader of the flying goal category.

It was a stage, where there were five falls, some stronger than others, which required road assistance for the most affected riders, while others.

The worst incident originated in the Angustura Bridge, almost at the end of the stage, when a group of cyclists fell, where the most affected were the Colombian Jhon Patiño (Team Gesprom) and Sergio Muñoz (Bolivarian Government of Mérida -Leonardo Sierra). who were transported in ambulances.

last getaway

About 20 kilometers from the finish line, about 15 protagonists escaped, where José Castillo (Fina Arroz Venezuela País de Futuro), his partner, César Sanabria, the Italian Giulio Masotto (Team Corratec), Wilmar Roldán (Team Medellín EPM-Colombia), Luis Gómez (Team Carabobo).

In addition to Jhonny Araujo (Bolivarian Government of Trujillo Orbea), Yorman Fuentes (Andean Pride), Miguel Ubeto (Banesco), Juan Guevara (Team Gesprom-Colombia).

Also Daniel Abreu (Indet Trujillo), Marco Rojas (José Prada Sucre Foundation) and his teammate Junior Romero.

Luis Mora (Team Saavedra-Colombia), Ángel Pulgar (Táchira Lottery) and Carlos Torres (Gran Misión Transporte Venezuela La Guaira) closed the lot.

It was then that the attacks began a few kilometers from the finish line, before an impeccable sun in the town of El Tigre, where the monaguese Luis Gómez liquidated at the finish line, in a place well known by the easterner, because it was there where He started at the «Williams García» school.

fourth leg

This Wednesday, July 27, the fourth stage of the Venezuelan tour will be held (10:00 am) with the circuit in Valle de la Pascua (Guárico) of 137.7 kilometers.

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