The second edition of the Vuelta Ciclista a Honduras 2022 concluded a few days ago with the victory of local rider Luis López, from the Óptica Deluxe team, who won the fifth and final stage and climbed to the top of the individual general classification.

In that last segment there was a lot of action, effort and strength for each of the cyclists The catracho rider had an attack six kilometers from the finish line and with it he secured the 2022 Vuelta Honduras championship.

That fifth stage was the longest of all, because it began in Comayagua, went through the Dry Canal and ended at the Zambrano toll, that is, they ran approximately 132 kilometers.

Central American Under 23 champion, protagonist of the best competitions in the region and owner of a Pan American medal, López considers that the four hours of training a day support that “the bicycle consumes almost all the time”.

“It was an illusion that I had, to win at home, but I also knew that it was quite a strong competition and that we had a disadvantage on the first day due to the type of race of that stage (a time trial). I knew how to be patient and try at the last moment, ”said the new monarch.

He finally commented that after competing in Guatemala he will come with a new project. “I am going to return in November to live in Honduras to bet on the Olympic Games in the mountain modality. That is our goal right now. I am going to change the route to Mountain because I like it better and I compete individually”, he assured.

On the other hand, Freddy Díaz, president of the Honduran Cycling Federation, transmitted on his social networks a thank you to all those involved who were part of this second edition, which had 18 teams, 132 runners and 11 countries, who gave a true spectacle on the roads of Honduras.

“Without a doubt we are evolving and we hope to do better year after year. Congratulations to the winners, especially to the new champion of the Vuelta, the Honduran, Luis López. New projects are coming, even bigger ones for Honduran cycling, let’s be patient, let’s collaborate in what we can, sport is to unite us “, he concluded.

Overall Single

1 Luis López – Deluxe Opticians

2 Edras Morales – Hino One La Red

3 Fredy Toc – Hino One La Red

General Under 23

1 Eli Sisimith – Deluxe Opticians

2 Hector Molina – Team Chaka

3 Luis Guido – Team kilos

Junior General

1 Dario Rabinal – Nazareth Intercop

2 Hector Menendez – Pro Bikes Cemplus

3 Angel Rodriguez – ACT

Flying Goals

1 Argenis Venegas – Team Kilos

2 Andrew Sparks – Voler Factory

3 Richard Zamora – Real Esteli


1 Bryan Jimenez – Real Esteli

2 Alex Julajuj – Deluxe Opticians

3 Luis López – Deluxe Opticians

Overall Teams

1 Hino One Network

Master A

1 Kenny Nijssen – Global Cycling Team

2 Bryan Rios – Sunspeed

3 Fredd Matute – Team Chaka

Master B

1 David Christenson – Voler Factory

2 Alex Escalante – Team Chaka

3 Nelson Ramírez – Triathletes