After being among the top ten in the Vuelta al Táchira 2023, the Venezuelan Luis Mora (Doglocy-Inteja) was crowned this Monday, champion of the 2023 edition of the 44 Independence Cycling Tour, which concluded with a day in which the Frenchman Guillaume Gaboriaud (Team France Défense) triumphed.

Mora, 29 years old, a native of Venezuela, conquers the event in only his second participation in it, since last year he had finished in sixth place.

The climber had put on the leader’s jersey on Sunday in the second mountain stage and had reached the final day with a 29-second advantage over Ismael Sánchez.

“For me it is a great honor to reach the Dominican Republic and come out triumphant in this Cycling Tour, which really has a very high level, with riders of great gallantry and competitive quality, whoever aspires to win it must prepare well thoroughly”, said the little rider, minutes after his success in the event became official.

He thanked the other members of his Doglocy / Inteja Imca team for the brilliant job they did so that he could finally raise his arms as the great winner of the contest.

Mora covered the event during the seven days in a time of 24 hours: 58 minutes and 13 seconds and defeated José Castillo, from Venezuela País Futuro, who reached 2.29 minutes; Luis Sossa Sánchez, from Iwoa Latino Cycling was third at 3:13 minutes, his teammate Maurico Pachón was fourth at 4.02 minutes and Edgar Cadena, from Inteja Imca was fifth at 4:31 minutes.

For Mora it was the first Vuelta that he has won at least at this International level, as well as for Doglocy/Inteja Imca, a Dominican continental team.

the last stage

Likewise, Guillaurme Gaboriaud raised his arms as the great winner of the stage that closed this year’s event, which had a 140-kilometer route in the Mirador del Sur park. The event was dedicated to Dr. Milton Ray Guevara, president of the Constitutional Court.

Gaboriaud, from Team France Club covered the distance in 3 hours 13 minutes and 18 seconds, being seconded by Alberto Ramos, from Asodocy NY, Francisco Lara, from Iowa Latino Cycling and Luis Gómez, from Venezuela País Futuro.

The event was supported by the Ministry of Sports, BanReservas, Comedores Económicos, Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo, OMSA, Seguros BanReservas, National Health Service, Hydroelectric Generation Company, Inapa, Gatorade, among others.

Venezuela Country Future team champion

At the end of the event, Venezuela País Futuro finally took over the competition in the team general classification by accumulating 75:01;57 hours, being seconded by JB Calzado Power at 8:08 minutes difference; Iowa Latino Cycling Club was third at 10:59 minutes. The most outstanding team in this Monday’s stage was Asodocy NY, who recorded 9:39;54.

Leaders by points and flying goals

César Sanabria, from Venezuela País Futuro was the best in the points classification, accumulating 57; Luis Gómez, from Venezuela País Futuro, had 44; Ramos was third with 40. In the flying goals Luis Gómez dominated with 33, Ramos had 25.

Mountains and best Dominican

In the mountains, first place went to Oscar Pachón, from Iowa Latino Cycling, who had 36 points; Duvan Penagos, from San Cristóbal had 32; Yurgen Ramírez, from Venezuela País Futuro had 25.

Among the Dominicans, Frailyn Bierd led, who accumulated 25:07;40, second place went to Steven Polanco, who had 25:19;08 and Augusto Sánchez was third with 25:24;49.

The best under 23

The most outstanding under 23s are Juan Pablo Sossa, who had 25:01;16, second place belongs to Bierd, who registered 25:07;40 and David Granados was third with 25:09;08.