The Colombian cyclist from the Movistar Best PC team, Marco Tulio Suesca, won this Saturday the victory in the individual time trial stage of the Tour of Costa Rica Telecable 2022 with a time of 37:50, and was only 24 hours away from being crowned champion of the contest.

The penultimate chapter had a 12.3-kilometre time trial scheduled to start at Cot de Oreamuno and finish at San Juan de Chicuá, and in a great display, Marco Tulio Suesca demonstrated once again why he is considered the most complete runner in the round ethics 2022.

The second position of the stage went to the national team, Kevin Rivera with a time of 38:07 and the runner from Team Banco Guayaquil Ecuador, Carlos Gutiérrez was third with 38:27.

At a general level, Marco Tulio Suesca continues to lead both overall and by points (137) with only the president circuit to go, which will take place this Sunday starting at 10 in the morning at Aurora de Heredia.

On the other hand, Gabriel Rojas continues to lead in the sub 23 classification, while Franklin Archibold has the flying goals shirt (12) and the mountain is dominated by Robinson Chalapud (47 cards).

In this way, Marco Tulio Suesca, a native of Tuta in the department of Boyacá, is the virtual champion of the Tour of Costa Rica, which will end this Sunday with a 99-kilometer circuit in Presidente, and whose last winner is the Costa Rican Daniel Bonilla, victorious last year in Costa Rican territory and who is third in the individual overall.

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Source: FECOCI y Revista Mundo Ciclístico