BOYACÁ. The olympic and mundialista of Antioquia, Mariana Pajón (GW-SHIMANO-PRO), returned this Saturday to the first positions of the elite-junior category after overcoming the valid # 1 of the International BMX Cup Mariana Pajón, run on the field Green of Paipa (Boyacá).

¨ Recover the confidence and return to the competition, the best of today. After nine months I come back and win. I am very happy to be here and do what I like again, “commented the happy national pilot in turn, knowing immediately the victory of his life partner and team, Vincent Pelluard also of the (GW-SHIMANO-PRO ).

Pajón beat the other paisa, María Camila Restrepo while Pelluard, beat his teammate, Andrés Arenas.

Outstanding result also, achieved the Antioquia challenger Juan José Arango (GW-SHIMANO-PRO), achieving a position in the top three. (Aicardo Torres / Sergio Restrepo)



1. Mariana Pajón (Antioquia Gw-Shimano-Pro)
2. Maria Camila Restrepo (Antioquia)
3. Laura Ordoñez (Cauca)
4. Andrea Escobar (Antioquia Gw-Shimano-Pro)
5. Ana Maria Rico (Bogotá (Junior)
6. Paola Natalia Parra (Bogotá (Junior)
7. Ana Sofía Cadavid (Risaralda (Junior)
8. Camila Hernández (Quindío (Junior)


1. Vincent Pelluard (FRA Gw-Shimano-Pro)
2. Andrés Arenas (Antioquia Gw-Shimano-Pro)
3. Santiago Ángel Suarez (Bogotá (Junior)
4. Juan Camilo Ramírez (Antioquia (Junior) Gw-Shimano-Pro)
5. Samuel Zuleta (Antioquia)
6. Samuel Zapata (Antioquia (Junior)
7. Juan José Buitrago (Caldas)
8. Mateo Carmona (Antioquia (Junior)


1. Juan José Mañosca (Cauca)
2. Juan Camilo Villamizar (Bogota)
3. Juan José Arango (Antioquia Gw-Shimano-Pro)
4. Tomas Palmezano (Valle)
5. Nicole Foronda (Antioquia)
6. Juan David Muñoz (Antioquia)
7. Juan Felipe Otalora (Antioquia)
8. Cristian Felipe Sánchez (Tolima)