Antioquia bicyclist Mariana Pajón Mariana Pajón has had a spectacular start to the year, as she has climbed six podiums and has claimed three gold medals, in international competitions, held in France and the United States, during the first two months of the year.

After a complicated 2022, due to an injury to one of her thumbs and the death of her grandmother, the Antioquia bicyclist is ready to focus on her sporting challenges, according to what she expressed in various interviews with the media. French and American communication.

The two-time Olympic champion began her campaign in France, in the Indoor Tours. Pajón shone in the gala competition and claimed a bronze medal at the first stop. The title was claimed by the British Bethany Shriever; while the podium was completed by the Dutch Judy Baauw.

In the second valid of this race, ‘La Niña de Oro’ improved her performance and conquered the silver metal. Shriever repeated gold and Baauw was once again in the select group of the three best runners.

After her brilliant performance on the ‘old continent’, Pajón traveled to the United States to play two tests. In her first competition, the Florida State Championship, she claimed both gold medals. At the Gator Nationals she earned a silver and a gold medal.

Thus, Pajón revalidated the good feelings she had at the end of 2022. Let’s remember that last year she achieved a very special gold in the eighth round of the BMX World Cup, which was held in Bogotá. The historic Colombian athlete had reached the three previous finals, but she had not been able to get on the podium on the ‘Carlos Ramírez’ track at Parque Recreodeportivo El Salitre.

However, the one known as the “Atomic Ant” wanted to give joy to her audience and ‘flew’ in the last round. She completed the course in 35.199 seconds, a mark that was enough for her to beat the Dutch Merel Smulders (36.175) and the Swiss Zoe Claessens (36.289).

“I don’t know if I can speak right now, I’m extremely happy, thank you all really. It’s been a roller coaster, thank you. The only thing I can say is that I’m back”, were the emotional words of the runner-up at the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

After that title, Pajón regained his confidence and hopes to continue reaping victories to arrive in the best shape for the Olympics. of Paris 2024. “If I go, it is to give everything. So it is a decision that not only I make, but also that it be in the company of my family and my husband,” said the former number one in the world in a conversation with the portal

Source: Pablo Gabriel Iriarte García,