2023 is close to ending and one of the most outstanding cyclists in Colombia and America was the double Olympic champion and multiple world medalist, Mariana Pajón, who achieved several achievements during the respective BMX competitions that she competed in.

However, in recent days there have been reports of an alleged retirement date that this sports figure would have already defined. And several national media echoed this through some articles and publications that they also shared on social networks.

Almost at midnight on Monday, December 25, Pajón made a publication on her X account, previously called Twitter, to clear up all doubts about the subject.

“I have not announced my retirement. I will retire when I stop feeling passionate about what I do. I love the ‘bike’ and representing my country, and there is still a lot of chain to wind up,” were the words that accompanied his ‘post ‘.

In this way, it is clear that Mariana Pajón will still fight to bring more joy to the sport of our country and in 2024 she will surely aim to get a medal again at the Paris Olympic Games.

What was the most recent competition that Mariana Pajón competed in?

The last BMX competition that Mariana Pajón competed in this year was the individual time trial at the Eje Cafetero National Games, which took place last November.

And in this test the representative of the department of Antioquia finished in first place after having crossed the finish line with a time mark of 37.529 seconds.

Precisely, after achieving this victory, Pajón spoke with Caracol Sports and commented: “Since they were building it, I saw that it was going to be a very good track. Even my teammates who came before me to watch it told me that it was worth it. come and since I tried it I felt very good. I think it has been one of the best tracks I have competed on.

And she added: “I really competed for the delegation, the department and because I love this sport.”

Source: https://sports.caracoltv.com