This week the Colombian Mariana Pajón, triple Olympic medalist in BMX, published on her social networks a post in which she is seen doing road cycling, which is not strange in her preparation, if not for the message she shared with the publication.

“Where others see a pedal, we see possibilities of propelling ourselves towards our dreams”, she reads herself in the caption of the publication of the Antioqueña.

According to several people who commented on her publication, it is believed that the Olympic medalist found a new challenge for her professional career on the roads and in cross-country activities, since she had ventured into velodrome events in the past.

She also added that she is beginning another stage of her sports life, although without giving many details about it. “Positive people are the ones who fell, got up, shook themselves, healed their scrapes, smiled at life and said: Here I go again,” she pointed out.

After finishing the last Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with the silver medal, it has been said that the Colombian would withdraw from this sport, but with this new publication it is not known if Mariana Pajón will definitely leave bicicross or if she will combine her appearance in the different modalities in a competitive way.

It is worth noting that the last time Mariana Pajón gave a press conference and spoke about her career was in the 139th edition of Actualidad Olímpica, the institutional program of the Colombian Olympic Committee.

“Crazy, it changed my life completely. First, I did not know that the whole of Colombia was seeing my medal, I did not know that the schools, universities, shopping centers, airplanes and airports had stopped … It was all crazy, knowing what was happening in Colombia. I was just a girl from Medellín and I had dreamed of ever being a champion, but not in that way, ”Pajón commented on her first gold medal, which she got in the 2012 London jousts.

However, as the bicicrosista related, she had to face a series of rude changes in her life and, therefore, hers in the entire environment. “From London my life changed and I had to accept it. I was a little girl who was not known very much and suddenly I became someone who everyone knew. My life became public and that was something difficult to handle, because my dream was always to win an Olympic medal, but I never imagined that it was going to bring a lot of things around me ”.

In addition, the Colombian athlete revealed the difficult side of her sport, such as pressure, injuries, anxiety and others, it is something that an elite athlete must handle every day. “You train for five years, you get up and you go through a lot of things for 45 seconds in which anything can happen and we are aware of it and we still embark on this. Anything can happen, I could have won a medal, not even made it to the final or I could have fallen. Everything that was done in these games was profit and we know that it is complex, that is our sport ”.

Finally, it has been said on different occasions that the Antioqueña is about to leave her career, because throughout this she has suffered a series of injuries that have not allowed her to remain constant in her training even though she has reached compete in big competitions.

“Paris 2024 is in three years, we have projects. I want to continue pedaling and I don’t know which bike I will do it on, but I want to continue bringing joy to my country, to my people. I want to continue showing that it can be done, no matter how hard it looks, that flame is and is super lit and that path must continue, “she said in an interview with Caracol TV.