The Weber La Segunda Ladies Power rider won after an explosive sprint in the last few meters of the Potrero de los Funes international circuit. Fiorella Malaspina (D’Amico Cycling Woman) was second and Anabel Ruiz (Raleigh JMB) completed the podium.

With her right index finger pointing to the sky, her smile broad and the checkered flag flying over her head, Maribel Aguirre (Weber La Segunda Ladies Power) won the Women’s Grand Prix del Porvenir this Saturday by successfully finishing her task in the last meters of the route that had the international circuit of Potrero de los Funes as the starting point and sentence line.

The Sanjuanina, Argentine and South American road cycling champion, set the timer for 01 hour 29 minutes 20 seconds to close the 54 kilometers of competition.

The Chubut Fiorella Malaspina (D’Amico Cycling Woman) was placed in second place just 01 second later, while Anabel Ruiz (Raleigh JMB) completed the podium 02 seconds behind the winner, in a sprint where Aguirre prevailed thanks to to a small advantage that he took in the last meters of the final stretch.

The cyclist based in Villa de Merlo, Laura Quiroga, was placed in 4th place, 06 seconds behind the winner, since she arrived in the lot that defined the test in the final packaging. The best classified from San Luis was Alicia Reinoso, finishing in 13th place.

“I am very happy to win the race. Congratulations to San Luis for giving us the place, the truth is ours, all cyclists fight for our place. Women fight for equality. The race was beautiful. Everything went as planned, thanks to my colleagues and the people who are behind us ”, expressed Aguirre happily after the hug with his colleagues.

“There was a great job from my colleagues. They gave me all the confidence. I had told them it was okay, to trust me. We made a good tandem, we fought from the beginning. They had to go looking for them and once they were connected we went out to break the race, which was very fast. We won and I’m happy, “added the San Juan.

“It is very important that we are given our place. San Luis is an example. He gave us this opportunity and hopefully there are more provinces that imitate San Luis. God forbid this is the beginning. I missed the women’s Tour de San Luis because I was very young, but coming and racing on these roads is beautiful. Thanks to all my team ”, highlighted Maribel.


Rank    Rider                              Team                                              Time  

1º)          Maribel Aguirre                   Weber La Segunda Ladies Power     01h 29′ 20″

2º)          Fiorella Malaspina               D’Amico Cycling Woman                  01h 29′ 21″

3º)          Anabel Ruiz                          Raleigh JMB                                         01h 29′ 22″

4º)          Laura Quiroga                      San Luis                                                01h 29′ 26″

5º)          Mariela Delgado                  Weber La Segunda Ladies Power    01h 30′ 22″

6º)          Alejandra Prezioso                                                                              01h 30′ 23″

7º)          Jazmín Gómez                      D’Amico Cycling Woman                  01h 30′ 23″

8º)          Carla Grillo                            Raleigh JMB                                        01h 30′ 24″

9º)          Julia Di Palma                       Raleigh JMB                                        01h 30′ 24″

10º)        Yanina Acosta                       Raleigh JMB                                         01h 30′ 24″

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