AREQUIPA, PERU. In the city of Mollendo (Arequipa) the last two dates of this pedal sport were developed in which cyclists from different Departments participated.

This event had the endorsement of the Peruvian cycling federation; It is appropriate to state that former cyclists of national trajectory participated.

The first date consisted of a test against individual clock (Saturday) and the second route in line about 75 kms the terrain was the trajectory between the city of Mollendo towards the town of Camaná the terrain was demanding for the course of all the cyclists since the wind in some moments of side and / or of “tail”. (César Ballón Arias / Arequipa Press)

The official results of the three categories are the following:


1. Yuri Cusicuna (Club Los chuzos- AQP) 2:19:41
2. Mauricio Reynoso Simoni (Club Inter – AQP) 2:19:47
3. Paul Ramírez (“Libre”) 2:19:41
4. Luis Naura (Team Arias) 2:19:48
5. Edgar Mayta (Club Los Chuzos) 2:20:46
6. Hugo Mochica (Club Mochica – Juliaca) 2:32:07


1. Jorge Reynoso (Inter) 2:17:25
2. José Alfredo Reynoso (Inter) 2:17:26
3. Romulo Zevallos (Inter) 2:17:26
4. Juan Mendoza (Ayacucho) 2:20:02
5. Richard Ruiz Caro (Inter) 2:32:22
6. Jorge Gamero (Sedimed) 2:32:25
7. Augusto Mendoza (Liga de Ayacucho) 2:33:42


1.- Luis León (Club GH – Lima) 2:17:27
2.- Carlos García (Libre) 2:32:28
3.- Milton Sosa (Zoom Deportivo Tacna) 2:33:22
4.- Manuel Condori (Ciclo Master AQP) 2:47:36


1.- Héctor Vela Velarde (Club Ciclista Tacna) 2:50:12
2.- Percy Cabanillas (Bicishop – Lima) 2:58:31