BOGOTÁ. The llanero Omar Mendoza, from the Coldeportes Strongman team, won the sixth stage of the Vuelta a Colombia Casanare Bicentenario Coldeportes that arrived in Antioquia after traveling 172.2 kilometers from Puerto Boyacá to Rionegro.

Mendoza won with a time of 4 hours, 49 minutes and 40 seconds, beating Wálter Pedraza (GW Shimano) and Álvaro Duarte (Mixto 1), who reached 3 seconds.

José Tito Hernández (Pride Paisa) closed the Top-5 and assumed the leadership of the competition crowning an outstanding day in the day’s escape with Pedraza, Mendoza, Duarte, Heiner Parra (GW Shimano), Carlos Parra (Boyacá is to live it ), Kevin Cano (Pride Paisa) and Wilmar Castro (Depormundo Foundation).

The Antioquia born in El Carmen de Viboral took a lead of 1:26 minutes to the group of favorites and now commands the race organized by the Colombian Cycling Federation with 24 seconds over Mendoza and 37 over Duarte.

This Sunday June 23 will run the seventh stage on a circuit through the main streets of Medellin. The race will start at 9 am. (Fedeciclismo Colombia)


  1. Ómar Mendoza (Coldeportes Strongman) 4:49:40
  2. Wálter Pedroza (GW Shimano)
  3. Álvaro Duarte (Mixto 1) +0:00:03
  4. Héiner Parra (GW Shimano)
  5. José Tito Hernández (Orgullo Paisa a 3
  6. Wílmar Castro (Depormundo Liga de Bogotá)
  7. Carlos Parra (Boyacá es para vivirla)
  8. Edward Beltrán (Team Medellín)
  9. Kevin Cano (Orgullo Paisa)
  10. Óscar Pachón (Depormundo Liga de Bogotá) +0:01:29


  1. José Tito Hernández (Orgullo Paisa) 23:46:34
  2. Ómar Mendoza (Coldeportes Strongman) +0:00:24
  3. Álvaro Duarte (Mixto 1) +0:00:37
  4. Héiner Parra (GW Shimano) +0:00:39
  5. Wálter Pedraza (GW Shimano) +0:00:40
  6. Edward Beltrán (Team Medellín) +0:00:50
  7. Robigzon Oyola (Team Medellín) +0:01:02
  8. Kevin Cano (Orgullo Paisa) +0:01:03
  9. Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín) +0:01:20
  10. Frank Osorio (Coldeportes Strongman) +0:01:23