Gerardo Ulloa added his second podium in Puerto Rico, now in the spectacular XCC short track test within the Tropical MTB Challenge HC 2023, which completed its first day in Salinas, Puerto Rico, to continue in the sum of points for the world ranking.

The Lima 2019 Pan American monarch had a spectacular finish at the end of the course with the Chilean Martin Vidaurre, who in the last few meters of the event hit an anthology sprint to take the duel with the Mexican.

Vidaurre stopped the clock in 21.49 minutes for the gold, Ulloa 1 second for the silver and the American Riley Amos to 4 for the bronze medal. As for another performance by Mexicans in the Puerto Rican competition, Amadeo Martínez landed in 18th place at 1:21 minutes and Esteban Herrera in 31st at 2:21.

Last week, Gerardo Ulloa won the XXI Florida UCI C1 Mountain Cycling Classic, which took place in the Puerto Rican city of Florida, Meanwhile, in the women’s sector, the Mexicans Monserrath Rodríguez (at 1.30) and Ana Ruth Clark (at 1.31) finished in 11th and 12th places, respectively, where the winner was the American Gwendalyn Gibson with 22:02 minutes. The podium was completed by the Canadians Hannah Otto (5 seconds behind) and Haley Smit at 21.