An exciting and historic moment was experienced at the Track Cycling World Cup in Milton, Canada this weekend. The national anthem of Mexico was heard at the velodrome thanks to the formidable work of the women’s speed team, made up of Jessica Salazar, Daniela Gaxiola and Yuli Verdugo.

The three cyclists claimed the gold medal in the women’s team sprint event by beating none other than Canadians Lauriane Genest, Kelsey Mitchell and Sarah Orban, who finished the event in 47.414 seconds, ahead of the 47.001 of the mexican. A historic victory! The bronze went to the team from Poland (47,569).

In addition to the victory, the Mexicans obtained valuable points in the world ranking prior to the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, which will take place between August 3 and 13; Likewise, the harvest of points will help qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Jessica, Daniela and Yuli thus joined Nancy Contreras and Belem Guerrero, as the only Mexican cyclists to have won gold in a Track Cycling World Cup. Contreras won the 500 meter time trial in 2000 and 2001; while Guerrero triumphed in the 2001, 2002 and 2004 points race.

Daniela Gaxiola González, is placed in the 16th place with 424 units, while Yuli Verdugo, takes the 33rd place. The top is commanded by the British Emma Finucane (1,440) and Sophie Capwell (1,320).

The Salazar-Gaxiola-Verdugo tertiary is the first with a gold in a team event for Mexico that has begun its journey in the Paris 2024 Olympic cycle, where it is expected that they can access to increase their legacy in national sport.

As if the above were not enough, Daniela from Sinaloa, Yuli from South California and Jessica from Jalisco increased their history in this sport, since they hold the current world record in the 500-meter time trial.

Source: Marca y Mediotiempo