The Mexican cyclists revalidated this Sunday the title by nations in track cycling at the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, adding four gold medals in the last finals and reaching nine, unattainable for their bitterest rivals: Colombia.

This Sunday Luz Daniela Gaxiola climbed to the top of the podium in the women’s sprint, Juan Ruiz in the men’s keirin and the pairing of María Antonieta Gaxiola and Lizbeth Salazar and that of Fernando Nava and Ignacio Prado in the women’s and men’s madison , respectively.

In the first test, Gaxiola surpassed the Colombian Martha Bayona in the dispute for the crown to increase the golden booty of the Mexican representation in the National Velodrome of the Salvadoran capital.

Another Mexican Yuli Verdugo obtained the bronze medal in that specialty by defeating, in another duel of regional powers, the Colombian Marianis Salazar in the dispute for third position.

Then came the triumph of the Aztec Juan Ruiz who triumphed in the men’s keirin with a time of 10,155 minutes, ahead of the Colombians Kevin Quintero (silver) and Cristian Ortega (bronze), who finished at 13 and 23 hundredths, in that order.

In the women’s Madison, Gaxiola and Salazar got 78 points to reach the title, followed by the Colombians Elizabeth Castaño and Lina Rojas, runners-up with 42 points, and the Venezuelans Angie González and Verónica Abreu, third (28 points).

To close, the gold medal for Nava and Prado was reserved in the same specialty for the men with 77 points, escorted by the Colombians Brayan Sánchez and Juan Arango, subtitles (53), and the Cubans Alejandro Parra and Leandro Marcos, third (46). .

Mexico led track cycling at the Salvadoran Central-Caribbean event with nine gold medals, one silver and two bronze medals; Colombia was second (2-10-2) and Trinidad and Tobago (1-1-1) finished third. Only these three countries achieved champions.

Cuba (0-0-3), Venezuela (0-0-3) and Barbados (0-0-1) were next. In the last regional fair of Barranquilla 2018, the Mexican delegation also commanded the modality with eight gold medals, followed by Cuba, winner of four crowns, Trinidad and Tobago (three), Colombia (two) and Venezuela (one).


Kerin (m)

1.-Juan Ruiz (MEX)

2.- Kevin Quintero (COL)

3.- Cristian Ortega (COL)

Kerin (f)

1.-Martha Bayona (COL)

2.- Valeria Cardozo (COL)

3.- Yuli Verdugo (MEX)


1- Fernando Nava-Ignacio Prado (MEX)

2.- Brayan Sánchez – Juan Arango (COL)

3.- Alejandro Parra- Leandro Marcos (CUB)

Madison (f)

1.- Maria Gaxiola- Lizbeth Salazar (MEX)

2- Elizabeth Castaño- Lina Rojas (COL)

3.-Angie González – Verónica Abreu (VEN)

Omnium (m)

1.- Ricardo Pena (MEX)

2.- Juan Arango (COL)

3.- Alejandro Parra (CUB)

Omnium (f)

1.-Victoria Velazco (MEX)

2.- Lina Rojas (COL)

3.- Amber Joseph (BAR)

Team pursuit (m)

1.- Colombia (Anderson Arboleda, Brayan Sánchez, Nelson Soto, J. Arango)

2.- Mexico (Tomas Aguirre, Sebastián Ruiz, Fernando Nava, Ignacio Prado)

3.- Venezuela (Franklin Chacón, César Sanabria, Ángel Pulgar, Edwin Torres)

Team Pursuit (f)

1- Mexico (Maria Gaxiola, Yareli Acevedo, Victoria Velazco, Lizbeth Salazar)

2.- Colombia (Andrea Alzate, Elizabeth Castaño, Lina Rojas, Serika Guluma)

3.-Venezuela (Wilmarys Moreno, Angie González, Lilibeth Chacón, Verónica Abreu)

Speed (m)

1.- Nicholas Paul (TTO)

2.-Kwesi Browne (TTO)

3.- Kevin Quintero (COL)

speed (f)

1.-Daniela Gaxiola (MEX)

2.-Martha Bayona (COL)

3.- Yuli Verdugo (MEX)

Team speed (m)

1.-Mexico (Jafet López, Juan Ruiz, Edgar Verdugo)

2.- Colombia (Carlos Echeverri, Cristian Ortega, Kevin Quintero)

3.- Trinidad and Tobago (Kwesi Browne, Zion Pulido, Nicholas Paul)

Team speed (f)

1.-Mexico (Jessica Salazar, Yuli Verdugo, Daniela Gaxiola)

2.-Colombia (Yarli Mosquera, Valeria Cardozo, Martha Bayona)

3.- Cuba (Ana Bello, Thalia Diaz, Sandra Cabrera)