BOGOTÁ. An nteresting exercise carried out by our staff and the readers of, as well as consulting media and colleagues with knowledge of the subject related to national and international cycling, allow us to present the selection of athletes and events of our country that leave their mark and they go down in history as the most remarkable of 2018.
The result of this selection is as follows:

Event of the year: Gold and Peace Race

Colombian cyclist of the year abroad: Miguel Ángel López (Astana)
Colombian cyclist in the national calendar: Alex Cano (Coldeportes-Zenu-Red Stamp)
Cyclist of the year on the track: Fabián Puerta (World Champion)
Under-23 cyclist of the year in Colombia: Alejandro Osorio
BMX cyclist of the year: Carlos Ramírez
MTB Cyclist of the year: Fabio Castañeda


Event of the year: Tour of Colombia feminine
Colombian cyclist of the year en route: Blanca Liliana Moreno
Colombian cyclist of the year on the track: Martha Bayona
Colombian cyclist of the year in BMX: María Camila Restrepo
Colombian cyclist of the year in MTB: Angie Lara


Ladies: Paula Ossa

Men: Alejandro Perea

As we already noted, the previous result is just a journalistic exercise, completely random, the product of consultations and opinions of readers, journalists, technicians and that only seeks to recognize the merit, achievements and effort of all athletes in Colombia or abroad, in tracks and roads fight for the colors of the country. It is clear that there are many more male and female cyclists who have excelled but are so many that only in the previous names have we wanted to reflect them all as their genuine representatives. (