In a finish full of climbs, Miguel Ángel ‘Superman’ López (Team Medellín-EPM) claimed victory in the eighth stage of the Vuelta a Colombia 2023 starting at La Pintada and finishing at Cañasgordas over 179.7 kilometers, passing four mountain prizes in the last kilometers.

The Boyacá cyclist rounded off another spectacular task by first crowning the 3rd category climb, beating Oscar Fernández (EPM-GO RIGO GO) in the packing. Rodrigo Contreras (Colombia Potencia de la Vida – GW Shimano) entered third.

The leg-breaking day, which started from the southwest of Antioquia, began very hectic on the flat terrain, where 16 runners ventured, who led the numerous escape of the day.

The breakaway was led by Carlos Gutiérrez (Team Banco Guayaquil), Cristhian Montoya (Team Banco Guayaquil), José Ramón Muñiz (Petrolike), José Manuel Aramayo (Pío Rico – La Vega City Hall), Andrés Mancipe (GW Shimano-Sidermec), Leison Maca (SuperGiros – Manizales City Hall), Juan Pablo Vallejo (SuperGiros – Manizales City Hall), Johan Colón (Orgullo Paisa), Sebastián Castaño (Orgullo Paisa), Mauricio Orozco (Corratec América Racing Team), Camilo Garzón (Aguardiente Néctar-WCargo) , Óscar Quiroz (Colombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano), Edwin Patiño (Road Engineering Team), Juan Pablo Rendón (Avinal – Mayor of El Carmen de Viboral), Juan Pablo Restrepo (EBSA-Boyaca Energy Company) and Emmanuel Cáceres (Inder Santander).

Passing the Alto del Cativo, only five riders survived at the head of the race: Andrés Mancipe (GW Shimano-Sidermec), Sebastián Castaño (Orgullo Paisa), José Ramón Muñiz (Petrolike), Cristhian Montoya (Team Banco Guayaquil) and Carlos Gutiérrez (Team Guayaquil Bank).

Beginning the ascent to Alto del Toyo, category 3 prize, Jarlinson Pantano (EPM-GO RIGO GO) came to the fore to crown first position, second was Andrés Mancipe (GW Shimano-Sidermec) and third was Mexican José Ramón Muñiz ( Petrolike).

In the last kilometers of the descent towards Cañasgordas, Jarlinson Pantano (EPM-GO RIGO GO) and Andrés Mancipe (GW Shimano-Sidermec) were at the top, but in the last kilometer they were neutralized by the favorites. In the definition ‘Superman’ López returned to take out his caste to take another great victory.

Tomorrow the last stage of the Colombian round will be run in La Ceja, a long and demanding 42-kilometer time trial, which will crown the new owner of the yellow jersey that identifies the champion of the Vuelta a Colombia 2023.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico