In a new mountainous day, Miguel Ángel López (Team Medellín-EPM) claimed victory in the sixth stage of the Vuelta a Colombia 2023 starting in La Virginia and finishing in Apía over 164.8 kilometers, with a rising finish.

The Boyacá cyclist rounded off a spectacular task for the squad led by José Julián Velásquez, where his pupils made it 1-3 with ‘Supermán’ and Aldemar Reyes. Wilson Peña from Zipaquire (Team Sistecrédito) came in 2nd and took the second step of the podium from Daniel Méndez (EPM GO RIGO GO).

The runner from Pesca, Boyacá, who crossed the finish line first after imposing his conditions as a climber, managing to raise his arms in Apía, gave his impressions. “I am going through a good moment, here we are fighting, I have to thank the team for doing an incredible job. We focus on living each day. Tomorrow another beautiful stage full of mountains, today you have to enjoy it”, said López, at the end of the stage.

The great protagonist of the day was Sebastián Castaño (Orgullo Paisa), animator of the large escape initially made up of 16 riders, but which gradually disintegrated.

In the end, all the pursuers were neutralized by the high pace set by Team Medellín-EPM.

This Friday, June 23, the seventh stage of the Colombian round will be held, starting in Pereira and ending in Manizales, over a 195.9-kilometre route on terrain, going upwards with four mountain prizes and a final in a first-class port. . The successor to Fabio Duarte, last year’s champion, will be announced on Sunday in La Ceja, Antioquia.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico