After five days and without great surprises for the specialists, the Colombian Miguel Ángel “Superman” López and the Venezuelan Lilibeth Chacón flew high and were crowned champions in the Tour of Tolima 2023; concluded this Sunday March 12, with partial victories for Johan Colón and Nicoll García.

The formidable Boyacán router Miguel Ángel López (Team Medellín-EPM) was crowned champion of the cycling tournament, after maintaining the lead in the fifth and last fraction, a short 71.4-kilometer day played this Sunday in the city of Ibagué.

The former Astana rider showed all his skill to take two stages, which helped him climb to the top of the podium, escorted by Rodrigo Contreras (Colombia Pacto Por el Deporte-GW Shimano) 10 seconds behind and by Cristian Camilo Muñoz (EPM- GO RIGO GO) to 33 seconds.

At the end of the race, the champion expressed his satisfaction for the final victory. “Thanks to the team for the magnificent work. Happy for the beautiful show we gave and happy to win. The idea was to ensure the race with the bonuses”, said Supermán López.

The victory of the last stage of the Tolimense round was taken by Johan Colón (Orgullo Paisa), who was the fastest in the packing of the circuit that took place in the musical capital of Colombia. Jonathan Guatibonza (GW-Shimano-Sidermec) finished second and Diego Ochoa (EPM-GO RIGO GO) finished third.

The next appointment on the national calendar will take place in Valle de Cauca at the end of this month, in a race that promises great emotions, with the leading role of the best riders in the national peloton.

Lilibeth Chacón total queen

The Venezuelan cyclist Lilibeth Chacón (Clarus-Merquimia-Strongman) won the 2023 Women’s Tour of Tolima after maintaining the lead in the fifth and final stage, a short 42.4-kilometer journey held this Sunday with departure and arrival in the city of ibagué

In a final at pure speed, the last stage of the Tolimense round for women was defined, where Nicoll García took the victory of the fifth day played in a circuit in the musical capital of Colombia.

The breakaway controlled the race in the final stretch, leaving everything to the packing, in which the Team Recapi-Krieger rider appeared over the last few meters to take the win ahead of Stefanía Sanchez (Eneicat-CM Team) and Ana Cristina Sanabria (Colombia Pact for Sport-GW Shimano).

At the end of the fraction, the winner expressed her satisfaction with what was done today. “We couldn’t have finished better, I’m very grateful to my team and all the people who supported me. Winning is a very gratifying joy, the team supported me a lot and it was given to us. It was a very hard stage, very busy, we got into the breakaway that it was and we moved at the right time”, said García.

As for the general, there were no changes. In this way, Lilibeth Chacón (Clarus-Merquimia-Strongman) took the general title. The Venezuelan rider climbed to the top of the round of Tolima podium, accompanied by Jessenia Meneses (Colombia Pacto Por El Deporte-GW Shimano), who finished second and Sara Juliana Moreno (Colombia Pacto Por El Deporte-GW Shimano), third.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico