Four nations: Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Belize and the Dominican Republic shared the titles of the time trial of the Caribbean Junior Road Cycling Championship, which takes place this weekend in the streets and avenues of Santo Domingo, in the capital. Quisqueyana.

The women’s time trial, youth category, was held along Mirador del Sur Avenue and over 10 kilometers, in which the Belizean Gabrielle Gabourel was the winner with a time of 15:58.45 minutes, valid to surpass the Bahamian Kami Lee Roach (16:38.36) and the local Meisey Yamely Pérez (16:45.65).

As for the men’s section, in the youth category itself, the distance was extended to 20 kilometers along the same circuit and the fastest of all was the host Rodrigo Gabriel Alonso (27:14.40), escorted by his teammate Eury Leonardo ( 27:17.92) and Belizean Jaylen Briceno (28:39.93).

This contest also grants opportunities to pre-youth riders, over the distance of 10 kilometers. Among the women, the victory went to the Bermudian Charlotte Millington (16:29.42), followed by the Jamaican Malaika Russell (16:47.19) and the Barbadian Arielle Greaves (17:40.18).

The Puerto Rican Amauri Santiago won among those under 17 years old with a time of 13:19.34 minutes and left the Jamaican Cajur Chue (13:29.30) and the Dominican Emir David Nina (13:35.33) for second and third place, respectively.

Riders from 11 nations participate in the 2023 Caribbean Junior Road Cycling Championship, including Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Belize, Bermuda, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Jamaica, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.