In a weekend full of competitions, the Pan American MTB Championship was held, in the Marathon (XCM) modality, in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal, in Colombia, where the hosts Mónica Calderón and Juan Fernando Monroy prevailed, in the elite category.

Calderón won the gold medal in the women’s section with 24 participants, while Monroy did it in the men’s branch with 76 runners. The event was attended by competitors from Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Costa Rica and Colombia.

The woman from Antioquia used 3 hours 36 minutes 52 seconds for the 72 kilometers that the test had and was escorted on the podium by the Ecuadorian Michela Adriana Molina (3:45:08) and the Colombian Juliana

Mojica (3:58:34).

For his part, Monroy from Valle del Cauca registered a time of 2 hours 57 minutes 4 seconds and surpassed his compatriot Jhónatan Botero, silver (2:58:28) by more than a minute. The third box was for the Chilean Sebastián Gesche, who came 3:22 behind the champion.

Final official results

Elite Male.

1.- Juan Fernando Monroy30COL02:57:04150.00
2.- Jhonnatan Botero Villegas31COL02:58:28120.00
3.- Sebastián Gesche Antona24CHI03:00:26100.00
4.-Johan S. Canaveral Vargas33COL03:02:5390.00
5.-Cristian R. Yepes Arroyave30COL03:03:5980.00
6.-Luiz Miguel Campos Honorio25BRA03:05:2570.00
7.- César Alberto Suárez Durán24COL03:05:5460.00
8.- Frank Sebastián Florez23COL03:05:5750.00
9 Jonathan D. Cantor Sánchez21COL03:06:0040.00
10.- Keyron Solís Fonseca31CRC 

Elite Woman

1.- Mónica Y. Calderón Martínez36COL03:36:52150.00
2.- Michela Adriana Molina Arizaga30ECU03:45:08120.00
3.- Juliana Mojica Zambrano23COL03:58:34100.00
4.- Ana María Roa Muñoz24COL04:01:5590.00
5.- Ana Sofia Villegas Noreña21COL04:07:5180.00
6.- Pilar Corvalan Bustos34CHI04:11:2170.00
7.- Paula Alejandra Beltrán20COL04:12:2760.00
8.- Laura Camila Cagua González20COL04:16:3250.00
9.- Laura Marcela de los Ríos Vargas26COL04:20:2840.00
10.- Angie Milena Lara Zarazo23COL