With the banner given by the country’s First Lady, Jazmín Colón de Cortizo, the emotions of the Gran Fondo Océano a Océano Panamá 2023 began this Sunday, July 30, from the vicinity of Fort Sherman in the province of Colón.

“This is an event that shows the beauties that our country has, where men and women of different nationalities can enjoy them in a few hours uniting both seas and crossing the three bridges such as the Atlantic, the Centennial and the Las Américas. ”, expressed the First Lady prior to departure.

More than 5,000 participants took the game starting at 6:45 a.m., divided into different categories, full of illusions and seeking to complete their challenge that includes different distances, including 150 as Gran Fondo, 115 Medio Fondo, 60 for Initiation and 98 Gran Fondo. Prix.

At kilometer 18, where the 4 Altos are located in the city of Colón, the official departure was given, highlighting a huge “blue ribbon” that stretched for several kilometers on the Colón highway.

After hours of traveling, the protagonists of Ocean to Ocean 2023 arrived at the Amador Causeway, with faces marked by the sun, but with great satisfaction after their duty accomplished.

The men’s Grand Prix was dominated by the Colombian Wilmar Paredes (Team Medellín-EPM), followed by the Panamanian Carlos Samudio (Rali Giant) and third was the Colombian Robigson Oyola (Team Medellín-EPM), all with 2 hours 01 minutes and 49 seconds. Among the ladies, the Venezuelan Wiliana Rojas occupied the podium, with 2 hours 25 minutes, followed by Viatnessa Marín and Valentina Cuellar.

A great party took place in the afternoon where prizes were raffled among the participants, including a zero kilometer car.

The event was not only a success in terms of participation and logistics, but also left a significant economic injection of more than 5 million dollars in the country. During its development, hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, gas stations and airlines experienced an increase in their income due to the increase in the number of visitors who came to enjoy the event.

This influx of tourists generated a positive effect in various sectors, boosting economic growth and providing business opportunities for local companies. In addition to the economic aspect, the event also contributed to the promotion and international projection of the country as an attractive tourist destination, which could have a long-term positive impact on the tourism sector and on the global perception of the country.

Fuente: FEPACI