Between November 18 and 20, the department of Antioquia will host the Gran Fondo Nairo Quintana, the recreational cycling sporting event with the most participants in the country. The Orquideorama of the Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden will receive our three days of commercial fair, in one of them we will experience the new competition for the “kids” and the final day will be the competitions for the elderly, an agenda that will bring together lovers of cycling and followers of the greatest Colombian cyclist in history.

The Gran Fondo Nairo Quintana will be held on November 20 in different categories and modalities: Gran Fondo of 153 km, Middle Fund of 86 km, Challengers of 55 km, MTB of 60 km and Nairo Kids, the latter for the first time.

The traditional “Ruta de la leche” will be the route that will challenge cyclists from Antioquia and Colombia, as well as many foreigners who have always accepted the invitation of our capo who enjoys riding alongside the people who support him throughout the season. . Registration is open and can be done on the page

The batch that has participated in the previous editions can register in this first stage for a value of $395,000, the new members of this platoon have a fee of $440,000.

Thanks to the support of the Government of Antioquia – UNIDOS and Governor Aníbal Gaviria Correa, Nairo and all his friends will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Antioquia and will ride the roads where the great cyclists of this department train.

Similarly, the Gran Fondo will be, as it traditionally is, a space for local businesses to show their best face and continue experiencing an economic revival on the side of sport.

The lodgings, restaurants and shops will have around 15,000 visitors in the city to captivate with the warmth and friendliness of the people of Antioquia. The Gran Fondo Nairo Quintana has already prepared the complete uniform that is always delivered to the runners and also the products of the region will be part of the food that will be delivered on the road for the participating platoon.

With Press Information Gran Fondo Nairo