Nairo Quintana will run another official, professional competition and it will be in mid-November, it is not an exhibition or a grand fund, it is a race where he will represent Boyacá, at least this is confirmed by the organization.

This will not be Nairo’s first race with the Movistar Team, that must be taken into account, since his contract comes into effect from January 1, 2024, until December 31 of the same year. But Nairo will officially run in the country, a highly important competition.

Motivated to be able to continue in the platoon, the one from Cómbita is training. The signing for the Movistar Team fulfilled him, he will practically push it again in a great way and the celebration could do it in a big way, winning a competition in Colombia.

The Eje Cafetero Nations Games 2023, which otherwise are having exceptional organization and great management, will be the stage where Nairo Quintana will compete and he will do so representing the department of Boyacá, being the great favorite.

The competition will be the elite men’s road cycling test, so there, on November 15, Cómbita will be taking on this new challenge. At least that’s what the official website of the National Games publishes.

Quintana raced in 2023 in the Road Nationals, in February, 9 months have passed since that and now he will resume competition, ideally so that at the beginning of the year, he can develop in the best way with the Movistar Team.