MADRID. The selection of Holland was proclaimed first world champion of mixed time trial by relay, a new modality with which the Yorkshire World Cups (Great Britain) were opened.

The Netherlands, with the male trio made up of Bauke Mollema, Koen Bouwman and Jos van Emdem, and the female one made up of Lucinda Brand, Riejanne Markus and Amy Pieters, won over a distance of 28 kilometers after marking the best times at all points of career reference.

The podium was completed by Germany and Great Britain, this leader until the last three, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Germany hung the silver medal with Tony Martin, Nils Politt, Jasha Sütterling, Lisa Brennauer, Lisa Klein and Mieke Kröger; and Britain the bronze with John Archibald, Daniel Bigham, Harry Tanfield, Lauren Dolan, Anna Henderson and Joscelin Lowden.
The race consisted of giving the 14-km circuit two laps. Harrotage, where all the World Cup online races will end. The first was completed by men and the second by women. (


  1. Netherlands 0:38:28
  2. Germany +0: 00: 23
  3. Great Britain +0: 00: 51
  4. Italy +0: 00: 56
  5. France +0: 01: 23
  6. Switzerland +0: 01: 27
  7. Slovenia +0: 01: 57
  8. Denmark +0: 02: 04
  9. Belgium +0: 02: 33
  10. Spain +0: 02: 43
  11. UCI World Cycling Center +0: 03: 28