The spectacle of the Tour Colombia 2.1 returns to Colombian roads for the year 2024, with the celebration of its fourth edition, which will tour the departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, and will end in Bogotá, in an event organized by the Colombian Cycling Federation, with the full support of the Ministry of Sports.

The Cundiboyac highlands will be the epicenter of the race, which returns to the UCI international calendar, to welcome, as in the three previous editions, the best cyclists and teams in the world.

The municipality of Paipa, in Boyacá, will be the opening venue of the Tour Colombia 2.1 of 2024, with the departure of the first stage on Tuesday, February 6, which will pass through Duitama, La Y, will make five laps of the Valley between Tibasosa, Sogamoso, Nobsa and La Y, and will end in Duitama, in a section of 155 kilometers.

The second stage, which will take place on Wednesday, February 7, will also leave Paipa, pass through Tunja, Ventaquemada, return to Tunja and Paipa, cross through Duitama and end in Santa Rosa de Viterbo, for a total route of 169 kilometers .

In Tunja, capital of the department of Boyacá, the third day will be held, with a 12.5 kilometer circuit, starting and finishing on Avenida Universitaria next to the San Viator School, by the Santa Helena Condominium, to which cyclists must give nine laps, for a total of 112.5 kilometers.

The fourth stage will start from Paipa, pass through Tunja, Ventaquemada, Villapinzón, Chocontá, Gachancipá, Tocancipá, Chía, Cajicá and end in Zipaquirá, on a journey that will be 181.8 kilometers long.

The penultimate section will take place in Cundinamarca, starting in Cota, passing through Siberia, El Rosal, La Vega, Villeta and returning to finish the queen stage of 138.3 kilometers in Alto del Vino.

Finally, the Tour Colombia 2.1 will culminate with the sixth stage, which will be held over 138.7 kilometers, from Sopó, passing through Tocancipá, Gachancipá, Chocontá, return – Sesquilé, Guatavita, La Calera, Alto de Patios, entering Bogotá on Calle 85 with Carrera Séptima and you will arrive at the National Park.

This will be the official route of the Tour Colombia 2.1 2024:


Route: Paipa – Duitama – La Y (5 laps around the Valley: Tibasosa – Sogamoso – Nobsa – La Y) – arrival at Duitama – 155 kilometers


Route: Paipa – Tunja – Ventaquemada – Return – Tunja – Paipa – Duitama – Santa Rosa de Viterbo – 169 kilometers


Route: Circuit in Tunja – 12.5 kilometers (9 laps)


Route: Paipa – Tunja – Ventaquemada – Villapinzón, Chocontá – Gachancipá – Tocancipá – Chía – Cajicá – Zipaquirá – 181.8 kilometers


Route: Cota – Siberia – El Rosal – La Vega – Villeta – Return – Alto del Vino – 138.3 kilometers


Route: Sopó -Tocancipá – Gachancipá – Chocontá – Return – Sesquilé – Guatavita – La Calera – Alto de Patios – Bogotá: Calle 85 with Carrera Séptima to the National Park – 155 kilometers

Source: Federación Colombiana de Ciclismo