The news continues to arrive regarding the international guests of the Gran Fondo Andrey Amador, this time it is the Ecuadorian cyclist Richard Carapaz, Olympic gold in the Tokyo 2020 route, who joins the ranks of the competition, scheduled for on February 13, 2022.

Carapaz is among the main exponents of cycling worldwide, proof of this is the first place he obtained in the last Olympic Games, where he shared the road with the Costa Rican cyclist Andrey Amador, the main organizer of the event that bears his name.

But the Asian city has not been the only place where Carapaz and Amador have been together. They currently share in the INEOS team and previously they did so wearing the Movistar Team shirt, a team in which the Ecuadorian rider excelled, even winning a Giro d’Italia; that was his first time on the podium in a big competition.

Carapaz’s achievements did not stop there and after winning his Giro d’Italia he returned to the podium again in renowned events, this time being part of the INEOS team. The previous year he obtained a second place in the Tour of Spain and this year the third place in the Tour de France.

The participation of both Richard and the previously announced riders (Óscar Pereiro, Alberto Contador, Joaquim Rodríguez and Daniel Moreno), puts Costa Rica at a high point in world cycling and promotes sports tourism. In addition to this, the event aspires to be the first at a sporting level in Latin America to have the declaration of positive carbon.

“The visit to Costa Rica of the most relevant Latin American cyclist of the moment and the winner of the Olympic Gold in Tokyo, represents an enormous opportunity to raise awareness for the country, to continue projecting Costa Rica as a country of diversity, but also a key point for come to play sports. The coming of this great athlete represents a huge megaphone for Costa Rica in the face of the world and we intend to make the most of it to continue positioning Costa Rica’s values, ”said Leonora Jiménez, co-founder of the Andrey Amador Gran Fondo.

Despite the fact that the race will feature renowned competitors, the Gran Fondo Andrey Amador is not only designed for professional cyclists, its objective is to unite all cycling enthusiasts in Costa Rica, who will be able to share with international guests regardless of the route in which they register.

The Gran Fondo Andrey Amador is projected as the largest one-day cycling event in the history of Costa Rica. It will take place on Sunday, February 13, 2022, on the route dreamed of by all cyclists, Route 27 being a unique event that meets the characteristics of a world-class competition.

The event will have two competition formats that make it an event that promotes cycling for everyone:

Route to Orotina: short route of 60 km, friendly for new and inexperienced cyclists.

Route to Quepos: 160 km long route that is demanding and competitive for the more experienced.