Canadian Esta Bovill with gold and silver was the most prominent figure in America in the 2021 UCI Gran Fondo World Championship, held from October 5 to 10, in East Sarajevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we won two more subtitles by Canadian cyclists and Americans.

Bovill won the Gran Fondo route (100 km) in the 45-49 age category, with a time of 3:51:43 hours and an average speed of 25,894 km / h; while she finished in the 18.2 kilometer individual time trial in second place with a time of 31:54 minutes.

The other podiums on our continent went to the Canadian Bruce Bird, category 50-54, on the Gran Fondo route; and in the American Jennifer Slawta in the 55-59 individual time trial for women with a final time of 34:59 minutes.

Hundreds of amateur cyclists gathered in East Sarajevo for a week of racing in which 40 rainbow jerseys were awarded by UCI Gran Fondo 2021 world champions, distributed in each age group that featured at least one starter.

The participants had qualified through the UCI Gran Fondo World Series and fought in the time trial and two road races, the Mediofondo and Granfondo. America was represented by riders from Canada, the United States, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Here we leave you the places reached by all the runners of America in the three tests put into dispute individual time trial, the Gran Fondo route and the Medio Fondo route.


70-74 años (Hombres)

José Willer Jiménez (Chile)  – 10mo lugar

65-69 años (Hombres)

Gary Painter (EE. UU.)  – 4to lugar

Pedro BernaleS Vera (Chile) – 8vo lugar

Paul Mpwery (EE.UU.) – 10mo lugar

Francisco Novoa (Argentina) – 16 lugar

60 -64 años (Hombres)

Brett Heilbron (Canadá)  – 21 lugar

55-59 (Mujeres)

Jennifer Slawta (EE.UU.)  34:59 minutos – Plata

Dawn Heinemeyer (Canadá) 5to lugar

55-59 (Hombres)

John Mansel (EE.UU.)  – 7mo lugar

Robert Garwood (EE.UU.) – 14 lugar

René TremblaeY (Canadá) – 16 lugar

50-54 (Hombres)

Bird Bruce Bird (Canadá) – 5to lugar

Robinson Miranda (Chile) – 7mo lugar

18 Terrence Chioffi (EE.UU.) – 18 lugar

19 Javier Teneb Hernandez (Chile) – 19 lugar

45-49 (Femenino)

Esta Bovill (Canadá) 31:54 minutos- Plata

45-49 (Hombres)

Dan Netzer (EE.UU.) – 9no lugar

Serghei Maximenco (Canadá) – 10mo lugar

Sean Martin (EE.UU.) – 11no lugar

Kelly Jablonski (Canadá) -15 lugar

40-44 (Hombres)

Mario Rogerio Dos Santos Galvao (Brasil) – 6to lugar

Alvaro Cantillo (Canadá) – 16 lugar

Dmitry Khrisanov (Canadá) – 18 lugar

19-34 (Femenino)

Camila Diaz Logan (Chile) 8vo lugar

Carissa Fry (EE.UU.) – 11no lugar

MEDIO FONDO (ruta 60 km)

50-54 (Femenino)

Renee Eastman (EE.UU.) – 6to lugar

55-59 (Femenino)

Jennifer Slawta (EE.UU.) – 6to lugar

Beth Leasure-Hudson (EE.UU.) – 8vo lugar

Sian Spacey (Canadé)- 10mo lugar

11 Dawn Heinemeyer (Canadá) – 11no lugar

65-69 (Hombres)

Richard Mull (EE.UU.) – 4to lugar

George Smith (EE.UU.) – 7mo lugar

Pedro Bernales Vera (Chile)- 14 lugar

Francisco Novoa (Argentina) – 20 lugar

70-74 (Hombres)

Josef Lemire (EE.UU.) – 4to lugar

GRAN FONDO  (Ruta 100 km)

45-49 (Femenino)

Esta Bovill (Canadá) – Oro

50-54 (Hombres)

PLATA: Bird Bruce (Canadá)