GUATEMALA CITY. The Executive Committee of the Guatemalan Cycling Federation headed by Stuard Rodríguez, congratulates the Board of Directors of Deluxe Optics headed by Pablo Ramos, the family, Ramos for their vision of growth in favor of national cycling, will soon have international participation in Ecuador and Colombia .

The National team, Deluxe Optics in scoop for the Press Department of the Guatemalan Cycling Federation announced the pleasant news of their participation in the Cycling Tour of Ecuador from October 5 to 12, 2019, as well as the Tour of Boyacá Bicentenario 2019 from September 4 to 7.

The payroll of Deluxe Optics for the Tour of Ecuador, Julio Padilla, Luis López, Rony Julajuj, José Canstuj and Adonay Santos. The list that will travel to Boyacá, Julio Padilla, Luis López, Rony Julajuj and José Canstuj, the coach, Alejandro Padilla.

Teams from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Canada, the Netherlands and Guatemala will participate in the Tour of Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian round, which will consist of eight stages under the UCI América Tour, will begin in the port city of Guayaquil and will conclude with a circuit in the Ecuadorian capital. (Nery Ajsivinac / Press F.G.C)


1st stage – Guayaquil – Manta / 206 Km.

2nd stage – San Clemente – Bahía de Caráquez / 120 Km.

3rd stage – Caraquez Bay – Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas / 210 Km.

4th stage – Latacunga – Cayambe / 171 Km.

5th stage – Atuntaqui-Urcuquí – El Ángel-Tulcán / 150 Km.

6th stage – San Gabriel – El Ángel / 31 Km. (CRI)

7th stage – Playón – El Ángel – Urcuquí – Atuntaqui / 150 Km.

8th stage – Quito – Quito / 100 Km.


1 stage: Sora –Tunja- Paipa- Nobsa culminating in Gameza, distance: 100 Kilometers.

2 stage: Nobsa-Sogamoso-Iza-Aquitaine-Tibasosa- Duitama-Sta Rosa de Viterbo-Floresta-Busbanza, distance 140 kilometers.

3 stage: Tibaná-jenesano-Ramiriquí Time Trial, distance 20 kilometers.

4 stage: Tunja route to be defined, distance 100 kilometers.