Team Medellín-EPM has been the fastest this Saturday in the first stage of the Tour of Panama 2023, a 6-kilometer team time trial held on the tourist Calzada de Amador, which has left the Spanish Oscar Sevilla as the leader.

Sevilla, who has lived in Colombia for several years, entered leading the cast of Medellín who in the end recorded 7 minutes and 11 seconds, rolling at an average speed of 50.12 kilometers per hour.

The second position went to Panama es Cultura y Valores, a squad that marked 7 minutes and 24 seconds, leaving the best national shirt to Alex Strah from Chiriqui.

For its part, Seven Card-Economy-Lacoinex, representative of Costa Rica, was third with a time of 7 minutes and 27 seconds, leaving fourth place to Rali Giant with 7:30 minutes and fifth place to Río Grande, from the United States, which totaled 7:35 minutes, among 22 casts that took the game.

“We want to thank my colleagues, the Panamanian Cycling Federation, who have always taken us into account for these events. This is my debut in the Tour of Panama and it is good to do it this way, but, in our team there are cyclists who are talented and can seek the title like everyone else, we must be discreet because there is still a long way to go”, said Oscar Sevilla at the end of the day.

Other leaders after this first day are Jeremy Obando (Aditur PTY) in Youth, Bredio Ruiz (Panama is Culture and Values) in Under-23, Luis Bobadilla (Aditur PTY) and Mojamed Méndez (Aditur PTY).

This Sunday the second stage will have two sections taking place at the Autodromo Internacional de Panamá, located in La Chorrera.

At 10:00 a.m., the first part begins with 20 laps around the circuit; later there will be another five laps that include an uncovering. This day includes three flying goals and two mountain prizes.

Source: FEPACI