The emotions of the Vuelta Bantrab 2023 ended and the Colombian domain was from start to finish. Óscar Sevilla was crowned this Sunday as the great champion of the Guatemalan race, adding another important title to his extensive and rich sports record.

The Colombian-Spanish rider proved to be the most consistent rider throughout the five extremely tough stages that took place in Guatemala. The man from Team Medellín – EPM, gives another first place to those led by José Julián “El Chivo” Velásquez, proving to be the best cycling squad in this part of the world so far in 2023.

“This was a perfect race for us. Since we arrived in this beautiful country, we decided to take everything within our reach and I am convinced that we have done it with flying colors. I want to thank each member of the team for the work they have done, this title is more theirs than mine”, Sevilla said at the end of the fraction.

A separate chapter also deserves Miguel Ángel “Superman” López. The star boss of Team Medellín – EPM, was classified in the second position of an individual general classification that was dominated by our beetles.

The boyacense who has won everything he has run this year, finished with the same time as Seville, he was also brilliant in the mountains, being the most consistent runner in that classification.

“It’s nice not to get off the podium. I really enjoy racing and having agreed to be with Team Medellín – EPM this season was a success for which I will be eternally grateful for those who believed that I could come and contribute something with my knowledge of cycling”, indicated López once he got off the podium.

Already for the stage, the coffee feast was not long in coming and Miguel Ángel “Superman” López himself was victorious in Patzún. The 119 kilometers of route served to give the fifth victory to Team Medellín – EPM in the Vuelta Bantrab.

In second place came the new champion of the race, repeating what they did in the opening stage when they entered Salamá hand in hand. The overall podium was completed by a combative Marco Tulio Suesca (Movistar – Best PC), who displaced Sergio Chumil (Hino – One – La Red – Tigo – Suzuki) from third place.

Seville succeeded Heiner Parra from Boyacá in the Vuelta Bantrab, who emerged victorious in the last edition (2022), ahead of his compatriot Aldemar Reyes and the Ecuadorian Jorge Montenegro.

By: Andrés Piedrahita, in Cycling World Magazine