SANTO DOMINGO Oscar Sevilla led four members of Team Medellín who on Saturday swept the mountain stage, the sixth stage in the 40th edition of the Vuelta Ciclista Independencia, contest that included the Moca-Santiago-La Vega-Constanza route and that covered a distance of 136 kilometers.

Sevilla, boasted of its natural climber conditions to seize the competition and together with his teammates relegated the Dominican Ismael Sánchez, traditionally great winner of this stage, to a distant eighth place.

The winner, representative of the Team Medellín, traveled the 136 kilometers of the race in three hours, 32 minutes and 17 seconds to overcome his teammates Cristhian Montoya and Harold Tejada, occupiers of the second and third positions.

For his part, Robinson Chalapud remained the leader of the round, after arriving in fourth place one minute from the leader and is already emerging as the virtual winner of the event, when only the circuit to be held this Sunday remains in the monumental area of ​​Santiago.

The day of this Sunday will be the seventh and last of the event and will include a circuit in the Monumental Area of ​​Santiago, which will have a distance of 135 kilometers. (


1. Sevilla, Oscar Miguel (MED) 3:32:17
2. Montoya, Cristhian (MED)
3. Tejada, Harold Alfonso (MED)
4. Chalapud, Robinson Eduardo (MED) 0:00:01
5. Álvarez, Miguel Luis (DCT) +0:05:03
6. Pérez, Wilmar Jahir (BOL) +0:05:34
7. Rabon, Albeiro (BOL) +0:05:34
8. Sánchez, Nelson Ismael (AER) +0:05:35
9. Montalvo, Diego Samuel (SAI) +0:05:35
10. Nava, John (VEN) +0:08:10


1. Chalapud, Robinson Eduardo (MED) 15:58:46
2. Sevilla, Oscar Miguel (MED) +0:00:31
3. Montoya, Cristhian (MED) +0:01:00
4. Tejada, Harold Alfonso (MED) +0:04:09
5. Sánchez, Nelson Ismael (AER) +0:06:29
6. Rabon, Albeiro (BOL) +0:06:34
7. Pérez, Wilmar Jahir (BOL) +0:06:35
8. Álvarez, Miguel Luis (DCT) +0:07:10
9. Montalvo, Diego Samuel (SAI) +0:07:15
10. Urbano, Jerson Roben (SAI) +0:09:11