The Copaci made official this July 19, after the approval of the International Cycling Union, the celebration of the Pan American Road Cycling Championship, from August 12 to 15 in the Dominican Republic, where quotas will be distributed for the Youth Pan American Games in Cali, Colombia .

According to the call, each delegation may attend with a maximum of 22 people, of them up to 18 athletes, distributed in six runners for the male elite category, as many for the male under 23 category, while six under 23 girls would complement the delegation, which must comply with the health protocols established by the UCI and local authorities for these times of pandemic.

The Pan-American Championship will simultaneously in turn with the Caribbean Championship of this modality, hence according to the program on the 12th only the route (M and W) for the countries of this region, with three tickets for men and two for women to the Youth Games.

On the 13th, all the individual time trial modalities will take place, which in the case of the Caribbean joust will only give a ticket to Cali to the winners of each sex; while the Pan-American contest will guarantee the right to the Youth Games to the six best men and women in this event.

Around the 14th the start of the Pan-American championship route will take place, category sub 23 in both sexes, where 10 places will be distributed for the men’s sector and 11 for the ladies, with which the 31 places that COPACI plans to deliver for the continental competition for newcomers in Colombia, a country that has four eight runners insured due to their status as headquarters, who will be divided between the two specialties.

At the farewell on August 15, we will know who the new Pan-American monarch of the men’s route is, while a day later the delegations will return to their countries, also complying with the established health protocols.

With this fair in Dominican lands, the qualification process for this modality towards the multiple youth games concludes, since previously the 2020 Central American championship had delivered two places in the time trial and five in the route, which closes the total of 55 riders who will take part on the route of the Colombian fight, scheduled between November 25 and December 5.