The 2018 season was historic for the province of San Juan, Argentina. In a span of a few months, it organized the Vuelta in January and the Pan American Road Championship in May, which will return to its streets from this May 12 with more than 200 registered riders from 23 nations.

Just a few hours before the 2022 edition opens, which will also be the COPACI centennial version, we will stop for a moment to remember who four years ago, in San Juan, had the privilege of being part of a Pan American podium.

That occasion was the first of this continental selection competition in our homeland. The expectation of the public, who again accompanied too much, was very high and they enjoyed the arrival of the event to the fullest.

As usual, the competition program began with the individual time trials. On May 3, 2018, these results were recorded:

Elite Ladies (19KM):

1-Amber Neben (United States – 25:30 minutes)

2-Lauren Stephens (United States – at 23 sec)

3-Ana Sanabria (Colombia – at 54 seconds).

Boys Under 23 (23 KM):

1-Diego Ferreyra (Chile – 36:22 minutes)

2-Mauricio Graziani (Argentina – at 31 sec)

3-Luis López (Honduras – at 1:02 sec)

Elite Men (45KM):

1-Walter Vargas (Colombia – 57:51 minutes)

2-Rubén Ramos (Argentina – at 52 sec)

3-Manuel Rodas (Guatemala – 1 min away).

The programming continued two days later (May 5), with the online stage for the Men Sub 23.

Route Boys Sub 23 (144 KM)

1.- Federico Vivas (Argentina —–3:18:47 hours)

2.- Francisco Lara (Mexico —— mt )

3.-Junior Marte (Dominican Republic — mt)

This great sports festival lowered its curtain on Sunday, May 6, with the long-distance tests for elite men and women.

Elite Ladies (80KM):

1-Arlenis Sierra (Cuba – 1:58:30 sec)

2-Iraida García (Cuba – m/t)

3-Marlies Mejías (Cuba – w/w)

Elite Men (176 KM):

1-Juan Sebastián Molano (Colombia – 3:52:54 sec)

2-Maximiliano Richeze (Argentina – s/w)

3-Cristopher Mansilla (Chile – m/t)

After five years, who will occupy the podiums in this Pan American? Will there be those who can repeat such an achievement? From tomorrow May 12th we will meet the first brand new winners 2022.