Next week the 2023 edition of the Pan American Track Cycling Championship will be held in San Juan. A large number of teams from different American countries will arrive in Argentina to play this event that will have a very special touch.

Because it is the first sports competition to be held at the Vicente Alejo Chancay velodrome and multipurpose stadium. A great bulwark located in the city Parque de los Deportes that, after its inauguration, scheduled for the end of this year, will wait with open arms and will be available to more sports, competitions and events so that they can be held in the place.

Since in the center of the work there is a parquet track suitable for any sport and around it, outside the limits of the cycling track, stands so that approximately 5800 San Juan residents can enjoy this sporting beauty.

For now, the cycling event scheduled to be held between Wednesday June 14 and Sunday June 18 will be the first at the velodrome and will go down in history as such.

In the next few hours, the organization of the event (in which the International Cycling Union, the Pan-American Cycling Confederation, the Argentine Cycling Union, the Argentine Track and Road Cycling Federation and the Government of San Juan participate) will officially announce More information related to the Pan American.

This is the case, for example, of the competition program -whose initial document underwent some modifications soon to be defined-, the final list of participants -already expected for a little more than 15 teams and close to 200 athletes- and ticket sales for the public to witness one more milestone in the sports history of San Juan.

In relation to our province, what is meritorious to remember -because the news was public a few days ago- is that six cyclists from San Juan, members of the Provincial High Performance staff, ambassadors for the world of the Sports Revolution, will be part of the Argentine National Team . This is the case of the ladies Maribel Aguirre, Abril Capdevila and Magalí Balmaceda, added to the men Rubén Ramos Meglioli, Nicolás Tivani and Rodrigo Díaz.

To finish these lines, it is worth mentioning that the incoming will be the first Pan American track to be held in San Juan; and the third in five years if we look at those on the road, held in 2018 and 2022.

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