CITY OF PANAMA. Geraldine López was consecrated this Sunday as the new “queen” of the Women’s Cycling Tour of Panama.

The Colombian was awarded the VI version of this pedal event, which was also crowned as the best climber, after five days of competition.

López (Bugliatti-Paths of Omar-Team Infinity), also won two stages in this 2019 edition and was second in the classification of the flying goals.

“It is a dream to have achieved this title that we always look for. The mountain stages were the key, since it is a field that suits me very well for my qualities. It has been difficult until the end, but, the important thing is that we always fight “said Lopez who becomes the second cyclist born on Colombian soil who wins this Panama Tour.

“Since the age of 15 we are in this sport, which is a lot of dedication and discipline. We expect more support for women’s cycling, this type of event is very important for us. I thank God and the team, we work hard and it is indescribable what I feel, ”said the South American who has competed in her country, Costa Rica and here in Panama.

“A man in Colombia named Hugo Moreno Lobo always encouraged me when I started cycling. I remember once telling me that if the mountain did not come to me, I would go to it,” he said.

In the final individual general classification Geraldine López accumulated 6 hours 17 minutes and 58 seconds, taking as Chilean escorts Stephanie Subercaseux (Aguadulce Cycling Team) who finished at 1:41 and the Venezuelan Jennifer Cesar (Bugliatti-Caminos de Omar-Team Infinity ), which ended at 5:30 minutes.

The fifth and final stage was run this Sunday between Aguadulce-Penonomé and Aguadulce, with 80 kilometers, which was won by the chama Jennifer Cesar, who in the packaging surpassed Geraldine López and also Stephanie Subercaseux, entering all with time of 2.07 : 33 hours to the goal.

The three members of the podium of the day, armed a leak nine kilometers after leaving the day, and entered the finish line with 4:32 minutes ahead of the chase group led by the Costa Rican Sharon Ramírez (Aguadulce Cycling Team).

In this journey three flying goals were disputed that were won by Jennifer Cesar (1) and Geraldine López (2), leaving the award for the Venezuelan Cesar that accumulated 25 units.

Geraldine López was second in this section with 21 points and Stephanie Subercaseux was third with 14.
“Until this last day there was a lot of contention, since apart from the flying goals, we were looking to enter the final podium and thanks to the getaway we got it,” said Jennifer Cesar, who also won three stages this year. (Aurelio Ortiz /


  1. Jenifer Cesar (Bugliatti – C. De Omar – T. Infinity) 2:07:33
  2. Geraldine López (Bugliatti – C. De Omar – T. Infinity)
  3. Stephanie Subercaseux (Aguadulce Cycling Team)
  4. Sharon Ramírez (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 04: 32
  5. Zulianys Fernández (Bugliatti – C. De Omar – T. Infinity) +0: 04: 34
  6. Argelis Bernal (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 04: 34
  7. Abigail Moran (Bayamon Ranch) +0: 04: 34
  8. Sharon Montenegro (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 04: 45
  9. Anabel Rodriguez (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 04: 45
  10. Gracie Martínez (Victoria Team) +0: 05: 45


  1. Geraldine López (Bugliatti-Caminos de Omar) 6:17:58
  2. Stephanie Subercaseux (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 01: 41
  3. Jennifer Cesar (Bugliatti-Roads of Omar) +0: 05: 30
  4. Sharon Ramírez (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 06: 26
  5. Argelis Bernal (Aguadulce Cyclin Team) +0: 12: 35
  6. Sharon Montenegro (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 14: 48.
  7. Zulianys Fernández (Bugliatti – C. De Omar – T. Infinity) +0: 16: 49
  8. Abigail Moran (Bayamon Ranch) +0: 17: 51.
  9. Anabel Rodríguez (Aguadulce Cycling Team) +0: 22: 46.
  10. Argelis Pérez (Estancia Bayamon) +0: 26: 10.


  1. Zulianys Fernández (Bugliatti-Roads of Omar)


  1. Anabel Rodríguez (Aguadulce Cycling Team)


  1. Argelis Bernal (Aguadulce Cycling Team)


  1. Argelis Pérez (Estancia Bayamón)


  1. Karen Lezcano (Victoria Team)


  1. Agudulce Cycling Team