The Panamanian Franklin Archibold crossed the finish line of the fifth stage in second place, surpassed by the Costa Rican Pablo Mudarra, but his reward was greater by taking over the leader’s jersey of the International Cycling Tour of Chiriquí.

The stage was difficult, with a complicated ascent such as the La Chancleta hill, the “fifth stage was not won, but we wore the (leader) shirt, that’s the important thing,” said Franklin Archibold from Chirica about what the fifth stage was. back to Chiriquí.

On this day Archibold along with other runners used a strategy to hunt down the escaped Sebastián Moya of the Colono team, who was also pursued by Gabriel Rojas of the 7C Economy team, leader of the Mountain Prize.

Archibold explained that the plan was to reach Gabriel Rojas from (7C Economy) who is the mountain leader, because Moya is from the (Colono team) and was ahead, the plan worked out and in the end he had to rub shoulders with another Panamanian, Roberto González (Rali Giant) who finished in third place in the fifth stage.

In the individual general classification, Franklin Archibold adds 12 hours 11 minutes and 12 seconds, escorted by Alex Strah (Panama is Culture and Values) at 3 seconds and Gabriel Rojas (7C Economy Lacoinex) at 4 seconds.

Other jersey owners are Fernando Ureña (Descarados Cycling Club) in the Master, Roberto González, in the Points classification and the Colombian Bryan Quintero (Esparza-Pergolas- Isostar) in the Under-23.

Archibold expects a complicated sixth stage this Saturday, as was the fifth, therefore he hopes to meet with his team to plan a strategy, with the aim of maintaining the leader’s jersey.

For this Saturday, there will be 153 kilometers, starting in David and visiting places such as San Lorenzo, Chiriquí, Gualaca, Los Planes and Las Lomas. Furthermore, on this sixth day the mountain champion will be catapulted.

Source: FEPACI